Friday, May 16, 2014

Des morceaux d'un jour ~

 Bits and pieces of a day...

when I woke up Miss Twiggley was sitting in the window waiting for me...she gave me this look which means, when do we eat?

Inspired by the very nice blogger, Hostess of the Humble Bungalow I repainted this little stand to hold  some pretty china tea cups that have been sitting unused in a cupboard, now they will be handy to use on a daily basis...will they make my tea taste better? I don't know but I will definitely feel more elegant.

I finished reading this book by Anna Quindlen, a new author for me, I really enjoyed it and now I am listening to a sound recording of another of her books, Blessing. It's always a treat to find an author that you like.

I put the final details on a new dress I have been making, I love the fabric, a jersey knit that I purchased online from It will be cool and comfortable for our hot summer weather. I already had the necklace which is a perfect match.

Lastly, ever since I read that the BBC was remaking one of the first of the Masterpiece Theater series, Poldark, I have wanted to watch the original shows, so I ordered the DVDs from Netflix. They have held up remarkable well and if you like "swashbuckling period romances" you will love this. I can hardly wait to view the new series when it is aired.

All in all a pretty successful day, now if our weather would just cool off a bit, for the past week we have had unseasonably hot, hot, weather, I am afraid that it means a very warm summer ahead which will make me and the garden quite unhappy.

Have a lovely day!


  1. You have the most beautiful views from the windows at your house. A perfect spot for Ms. Twiggley! It has been ages since I had the pleasure of sewing a dress for myself. I'm all admiration. Thank you for admiring my roses! I really hope the summer is kind to you and your garden!

  2. Hello Adrienne:

    This sound to us to have been the most perfect of days, rich in variety and yet all within your own home. Like you, we are always pleased to find a new author and then generally 'work' our ways through all that he or she may have written. Then, of course, there is the big disappointment when there is nothing new left to read.

    Whilst you are having such very hot weather, here it is cold and wet - not at all as it should be in May.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Mmm... how luvly.. the view, the tea cups. My 'mom' Carole, so=wore that her tea or coffee tasted better in china. She never used mugs or anything other than china for her beverages. Instilled the same in me the years we shared before she passed. So yes, it will make your tea taste better ;)
    Never saw Pollack. Now I will have or take a look on Netflix.
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Love your cup stand, and the dress is so lovely too! Beautiful with the bucket of hydrangeas nearby! Happy weekend!

  5. Your tea cups are gorgeous in their stand and Miss Twiggley would be a perfect hostess. Gorgeous dress. I'll gladly take some of your heat in MI. Spring appears to be hiding again.

  6. Your stand for the tea cups is lovely and they look s good in the stand. I really like your dress, it looks so comfortable and cool - you will be right in style this summer.
    I am afraid that we are in for a really HOT summer. I have not ventured out to far as it is just to darn HOT.
    Have a wonderful weekend - it's going to be cooler, yea yea.

  7. Miss Twiggley looks so pretty there in the window with the pale pink curtain. She has the sweetest face. She must be a very good kitty for your lovely tea cups to be safe in your pretty display. The Persian kitty that we had for 17 years used to very carefully investigate any pretties that were displayed. He was always very careful until he would turn to jump down and then with an accidental swish of his big fluffy tail, Crash!

    I recently enjoyed reading that same Anna Quindlen book. I will check for her Blessing book. I will also be looking for the Poldark series on BBC. It seems we enjoy some of the same types of reading and movies.

    We had a few very hot days a couple of weeks ago, and now, for the last three days it has been very cold and wet here. Down to the low 40's here last night and tonight. It has also been very windy here this year. Between the very hot and windy, and now cold, wet and windy, some of my plants are looking frazzled. I planted elephant ears about 3 weeks ago when it was warm. They were sprouting very healthily in the brown paper bag that I brought them home in. Since they have been in the ground, the sprouts have yellowed. I think they are goners, but I hope not..

    I hope you and Miss Twiggley have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Mme Twiggley en effet ne m'a pas l'air très contente
    j'adore votre support à tasse à thé est super
    j'aime également écouté les livres en audio sur mon MP3
    je vous souhaite un doux weekend
    edith (iris) France

  9. Gorgeous idea for an elegant tea party!!...... Poor and hungry Miss Twiggley, but she is, under any circumstances, always "très mignonne" ‿ ✿

  10. What a pretty way to display teacups - I'm not at all surprised that the idea came from The Hostess. I am about half way through Still Life with Bread Crumbs and am enjoying it. I love the connections across the miles.

  11. I love Anna Quindlen! Your new dress is so pretty. We must be on the same wavelength. I made a skirt a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't made myself clothes for quite awhile so I thought I would give it a go. Miss Twiggley always makes me smile!
    sending hugs...

  12. I just returned from Cornwall and I would like to watch the Poldark series. I have some lovely teacups that I should display during the summer. I will try to find a way to repurpose something as a display shelf. Miss Twiggly looks like a funny character. My husband is allergic or I would get a cat.


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