Monday, May 12, 2014

Un petit quelque chose ~

Do you ever find yourself with a long to-do list and end up spending time doing something completely frivolous instead of what you should be doing?

I think, for me anyway, this is a coping mechanism.  Last week I had a whole list of things that needed to be done..and what did I find myself doing. Creating a market display in my kitchen! Totally for my own amusement and because it will be fun to look at.

After Easter I really hated the thought of putting these wonderful cabbages away for another year, so I decided to add a few things and enjoy them for a bit longer.

I created the little chalkboard out of an old plaque I bought a long time ago at Michaels and never used; it is always handy to have a can of chalkboard paint in the garage. It's just the right size to hang, as I did here, or perhaps I will  use it later on an easel. is my little Market and just like I thought I am enjoying it thoroughly

Now I suppose I must go back and spend some time addressing those items on that to-do list, not near as much fun, but alas, necessary.

I hope that you have a wonderful carefree day!
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  1. Hello Adrienne,
    Your still life market garden is so charming. How it must cheer your day looking at it! This seems to us a perfectly good way to spend time, after all, when one is in good spirits all the jobs on the to-do list get completed in record time!

  2. I like to keep my do lists short so that I can tackle them in a few days! The serious jobs like arrange to have the house painted are ones that I think about but never actually write down! One needs to have fun and perhaps we could start to write lists of fun things to do too!

  3. Another lovely original eye candy area. Adrienne, you are one amazing, talented, and creative lady. I love your blog.

  4. That really is a wonderful place to create all sorts of wonderful vignettes. Your market is super charming! Bring on summer and all the fresh farmer market stands. I can't wait!

  5. Bonjour,

    J'aime passé du temps dans votre univers... Ce billet est absolument délicieux.
    Gros bisous ♡

  6. Everyone needs to be a little frivolous at times. I love your little market area.

  7. Adrienne, love it!! What a great example of putting things to good use. It is that time of year for the markets so your display is not only pretty but fitting..I love your creativity always..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. Your market is just adorable! Mind the door, or a bunny just may hop inside for a nibble!
    I love it!


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