Saturday, May 31, 2014

The maligned Ditch Lily ~

These day lilies have been in the garden for a long time, I remember them when playing here as a child and I always liked them. It was only much later that I realized they were commonly called, Ditch Lilies", because they are found growing wild in so many places along road side ditches where water collects.

They surely must be one of the hardiest plants but are looked down upon by many gardeners, mostly I think because of their strident color. But I like them here in the far back reaches of the garden in a rather shady area where they are pretty much alone; there are old fashion Granny Purple iris here too but they bloom earlier in the year. 

Every year at this time they add a nice burst of color at the end of the path. Up close the flowers are beautiful and complex. I like the more refined day lilies but these common and somewhat maligned ditch lilies give me the most spectacular blooms.

I have a theory: that in my warm climate, plants with stronger colored flowers perform better.  I really wanted a pastel themed garden but over the years I have added more and more yellow and orange to the garden pallet. Not exactly what I set out to do but what Mother Nature seems to demand.

Rather pretty aren't they.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a flower-filled day!


  1. There are day lilies in my garden as well. While I wouldn't have planted them myself, I'm certainly not taking them out either. They came with the house, they belong here, and I love their color.
    Yours are truly spectacular. The color is amazing!

  2. Hello Adrienne:

    Although we have never heard them referred to as Ditch Lilies before, the Hemerocallis in all their forms are, in our view, exceedingly garden worthy perennials and these orange ones of yours do provide a splash of vibrant colour. Perhaps you are right, strong colours perform best in a hot climate.

  3. Indeed they are very pretty. I have daylilies in the Garden by the master bedroom window. Yellow ones. But I am luving the look of your orange ones and might have to add them in. I have amaryllis all over the garden that bloom first thing in spring. A riot colours. Oranges, reds, creams... oh yes, must add orange daylilies
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. That daylily is actually hemerocallis "Kwanso." Although related to the ditch lily, it has a double flower rather than single.

    1. And I agree - they are pretty...

    2. Thank you Adrienne, now I have it's name...and a rather pretty one it is!

  5. I like these lilies too. They don't grow as easy here as they do in the east. I love the burst of colour and I think you're wise to plant what thrives where you are.

  6. Yes, you are right they are everywhere along the road when I go back to VA. They seem to have the Tiger Lilies, but are so pretty. Your's look terrific in your garden. I have a lot of yellow ones and double yellow ones.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Day lilies are hardy and beautiful. Such a pretty way to end my evening. Thank you!

  8. Your ditch lilies add a wonderful splash of color to your garden!
    Mary Alice

  9. Your ditch lilies are just gorgeous. I have never heard them called that, but we have them here too in Ohio and that is where you often find them. Yours seem to have double blooms, which to me, makes the a step above the common ditch lily, but no matter their name, they bring color wherever they are and beauty to our roads.


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