Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trivia ~

It's funny how you can get attached to some ordinary things that aren't really precious or particularly rare.

This little mahogany commode is like that for me. I really don't know where it originally came from, probably some estate sale several years ago. My mother always kept it in her bathroom and when it came to me it seemed natural to do the same.

For some reason I just love it.

It is very petite and just the right size for this spot. I like glancing through the doorway from my bedroom and seeing it.  It also serves a practical and mundane purpose as a place to store extra toilet tissue.

C'est la vie

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I hope your day is filled with an appreciation of simple things.


  1. I like it's size Adrienne. The width is perfect - you could never find something just like it if you set out on a search today.

  2. What a lovely piece of furniture and it looks so well where you have it. I love having furniture that belonged to a member of the family. I have a few pieces that I truly love and think of the person often when I look at it. Always wonderful memories.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. You are is nice to have things from a person you loved, it does bring back wonderful memories.

  3. That is a darling piece Adrienne! Like a pretty young lady with nice legs! I can see why you love it. I LOVE that you feel that way about 'things' too. Some just have the power to make us smile when we see them. I have a couple of pieces that have the same effect on me.
    I wish you the best week ever, my dear!!!

  4. It's especially lovely because it belonged to your mother.

  5. Hello Adrienne,

    Your mahogany cupboard is simply perfect. It fits beautifully in the small space and has a most elegant look. And, how lovely that it also serves to bring back happy memories for you. Many of our prices of furniture were handed down to us and it is wonderful to cherish the pieces long after their previous owners. We love the continuity that this brings.

  6. Its super cute I can see why you like it so much~ beautiful heirloom ~Love Heather

  7. That is a beautiful little commode, and it perfectly fits into your bathroom.


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