Friday, March 6, 2015

A new project ~

The back garden in looking a bit stark now, I lost my beautiful, big shade tree. I could see it was failing over the past few years but I had hoped it would somehow recover. Alas, I finally had to face the truth...there is nothing as unattractive as a very dead tree holding center court in a garden.


late this winter I sadly had it cut down. I had a great affection for this tree some of my life's happiest and saddest moments were spent sheltered by its leafy branches. I decided to keep the stump as a reminder of these times.

Now that this area has lost its shade it has aquired a whole different look and requires a completely different landscape. As the first step I am adding borders along the path to soften the design. They will be watered by drip and microsprinklers.  Further back on the left I have just planted two small trees: an Evergreen Flowering Pear and a native Western Redbud. Later I hope to add another shade tree.

After I configure the borders I plan to replace some of the grass adjacent to the existing brick eating area with gravel. If possible and the drought allows I would like to leave the rest of the grass. 

Good, or bad, gardens are a work in progress and always seem to be evolving. At least it is never, ever, boring!

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I am hoping I have some plants left after the snow and temps we have had this winter. We are not use to getting temps below zero.

  2. Your garden is beautiful. I think I'll have to go back through past posts for some more inspiration for our new garden!

  3. When I want to have my husband understand what I like in a garden, I just show him your blog pictures. You have such a lovely home and garden.

  4. Such a beautiful tree...I'm sorry you had to cut it down. Trees are so "alive" in so many ways. I'm glad you thought to keep the stump as a memory of the shelter it offered you. Your garden is beautiful!! Stop on by for a visit when you can! ~Zuni

  5. I love your garden, so beautiful. I wish you could design mine....but a big one 5000 square metres. This is too big and difficult to look after. It is discouraging me!

  6. What delight your tree had brought.

    I had got roots growing down to the water,
    I had leaves growing up to the sunshine a sign of life in me,
    I had shade from the hot summer sundown,
    I was the nest for the birds of the heaven
    May this bee the remembrance of me.

  7. Yes, a garden definitely is a constant work in progress. How sad that you lost the shade tree - it's always sad to see a tree go. Of course it changes everything since now you have sun where there used to be shade. That's quite a challenge to change that. Yes, grass/lawn and our ongoing drought don't work very well together - but there are quite some alternatives.

  8. Gosh your garden always looks so nice! I am going through exactly the same thing having lost three trees to the ice storm we had in winter 2014. Suddenly there is sun where there was deep shade in the past. It took me last summer to decide on all the changes I must make. This spring I will have to make some big adjustments.

  9. Isn't it odd how attached we gardeners get to our tree. I have even named some of mine in the garden :) I'm sorry you lost one of yours Adrienne. Your garden always looks gorgeous my friend and while I know you will miss your tree you will make this place amazing!
    hugs from here...


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