Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ready, set...




With our unseasonably warm weather everything is blooming earlier this year including the Bewitched tree roses that line my driveway in the front.

My preference is for vintage roses, such as China's and Tea's but I long ago fell in love with Bewitched, which is a Hybrid tea, albeit a vintage one. It blooms and blooms and blooms throughout the season covering itself with huge, clear pink flowers; it also has a wonderful fragrance.

So, as you can see, around here right now everything is coming up roses!


 I finally located Miss Twiggley's special hiding place. I knew that she had one somewhere as occasionally, and always at the most inopportune time, I couldn't find her. Eventually, after I would exhaust myself searching she would appear. 

She had somehow found a space in my workroom between the cabinets and the wall that lead to an enclose area under the built in counter. She gave the whole thing away last night when I was in the room and saw this little paw sticking out through the crevice. wanting me to play.

Naughty kitty, now I will know where you are!

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  1. Your roses are stunning. Yes, everything is blooming very early this year. Bad kitty, it kinda scares you when you can't fin them. She is a beautiful cat and I know she brings you lots fun and love.
    My front yard roses have already bloomed, been deadheaded and are budding up again. Back yard is in full bloom. I have been going out in the garden trying to get some things done before we get our heat wave on Thursday. I'll be staying in when it gets that hot as it's hard for me to breath.
    Have a great rest of the week and your roses are beautiful


  2. I have emailed links to your blog to my mother in California so many times and this post will be another link to her. Those roses are so lovely. When we think about what to do next to our yard, I quickly take a peek at many of your posts for inspiration.

  3. It was lovely to see flowers in this and the last post. We have had the opposite in weather- it has been unseasonably cold. Today rain is coming, but at least it's not snow. Hopefully the rain will wash away those last stubborn patches of the white stuff.

  4. Sigh. It's always so inspiring to see your gorgeous blooms. We are all brown and muddy and quite ugly outside. Miss Twiggley is so precious and naughty. How fun that you discovered her secret hiding place.

  5. Bewitched, I love it Adrienne!! So beautiful, the flowers are not out here yet, though bulbs are trying to burst through!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  6. Silly kitty cat! Your roses are gorgeous! Ours are just beginning to form their buds. It won't be long and they will break forth into bloom, too. Thank you for sharing yours with us. It's encouraging to know we will soon be surrounded with roses!

  7. Those roses! Absolutely beautiful! I am taking note of the one that blooms through the season. What a treat it would be!

  8. Adrienne, your garden must be something! At any given time of the year. The roses are beautiful and you are so smart to keep track of all their names. I am so bad at that. Miss Twiggley, what a silly girl. How cute to spy her little paw peeking out. I think she really wanted you to find her..Happy Easter..Judy

  9. Those roses are beautiful, I can understand why you like them so much. I would, too - and so would the deer! They love roses, unfortunately.
    Here, everything blooms way early as well. My lilac is already past its prime. I'm quite sad about that.

  10. Your roses are absolutely beautiful, Adrianne. I am looking forward to mine blooming soon.
    ....your silly little Miss Twiggley


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