Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Something new ~

I been using some new products that I am very impressed with and I wanted to share them with you.

I am a fan of brow mascara, it is great for adding natural definition for those of us with skimpy or light colored eyebrows. Previously I used Lancome's, but their colors are limited and for the amount, a bit pricey. Now Mabelline has come out with a similar product, BrowDrama. They offer it in four different shades. It is easy to apply, lasts all day, easy to remove, and at a little over $5.00 a great buy. In every way I find it a superior product.

Next, Andalou Naturals Enlighten Serum.

I like using an antioxidant serum every morning and  have tried quite a few, some very expensive and some at a more reasonable price. I really prefer that serums, as this one does, to come in a enclosed pump container to keep them from oxidizing. This is a lovely light serum with faint citrus scent, and I have noticed some improvement in the clarity of my skin. It is very reasonable priced, at about $25.00, all natural and contains vitamin C and turmeric, both excellent antioxidants. I think is was well worth adding this product to my skin care arsenal.
 You can find it online and also at Whole Foods.

And lastly, Benetint, from Benefit. A classic and has been around for a while. A lip and cheek stain, it gives a lovely and very natural color. I like to use it as a base and then add a light layer of powder blush...or on a casual day use it alone. It comes in three different shades and one bottle will probably last you the rest of your life...or for several year at least!

I would love to hear of any new products you have found effective.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I always find this sort of post interesting and helpful as I have a bit of a fear of cosmetic counters. The Benetint interests me and I will have to see if it is available up here.

  2. I have my brows tinted but the colour fades and needs to be retouched every 6 weeks so I might try this brow product...thank you for sharing the serum and Benetint. I have not seen this before but will ask my friendly and knowledgable gals at the Pharmasave.

  3. Thanks, Adrienne, for sharing. The Benetint sounds like something I could use and I will check it out..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. When io to visit my son in Dubai, I buy Boots beauty products, such as Number 7 cream... And I go to the beauty salon, I enjoy having manicure, pedicure ...

  5. I have my brows tinted but they are rapidly turning white. The brow mascara might be the answer. The Benetint also sounds like a useful product.


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