Monday, April 6, 2015

A pile of junk ~

This might look like a pile of junk, and indeed it is, but it has everything I need to make something for the garden. 

I found the old mail box in the trash, a bit dented but it will be okay. My handyman Juan gave me the post holder and I had the section of post 
and the other piece of wood in the barn.

All to make another mailbox tool holder for the garden! 

I painted the mailbox my signature red, stained the post and when the paint dried I screwed it all together. Then...

I pounded the post holder in using a sledge hammer, being very careful not to do any damage to myself. Fortunately, I have very sandy soil so it went it rather easily and I didn't have to do any digging. All that was left was to slip the post in the post holder and tighten the supporting bolts.

Here you can see it better. 
 I put in the back garden near the pond and the gazebo.

Now I can stash some tools closer at hand for the  times when I go out just to wander the garden and then spot a little something I want to do, usually that means
clippers, a hand shovel, or string to tie up plants.

 Plus I love the way it looks!

Thank you for visiting. 
I hope you are having a happy day.


  1. Oh so clever, Adrienne! I love this idea. Thrifty, stylish and so,so practical!

  2. Hello Adrienne,

    Your signature lipstick red is such a jolly colour for the garden. We love the way it provides accents of colour, focussing the eye at times and drawing one through the garden to explore further.

    And, what an imaginative and practical use for the old mailbox. It looks like a piece of contemporary sculpture and all created for very little money. Clever you!

  3. Adrienne, I could just pitch a tent and live in your garden. It is so beautiful and I applaud your energy. What a great idea for the mail box. I imagine it is quite a conversation piece and who doesn't always need a pair of clippers or something when they are far away from the tool shed. Such a good idea and so cute too..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. I knew that wasn't a pile of junk! Your idea is great - pretty garden art that holds your tools. Very smart way to keep them right where you need them!

  5. You GO Girl!!!!!!! I love this-AND- I love that you did it all on your own. Can you come to my house to play???? That looks awesome in your beautiful garden Adrienne!
    hugs from here....


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