Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Something new for something old ~

It's funny how sometimes you can see something old in a new light.
It was that way with this plant. 

I have grown Phlomis fruticosa, commonly called Jerusalem Sage, in my garden for what seems like forever.  It so interesting to look at and has the additional advantage of being very drought tolerant. When is blooms it is glorious, as you can see below. It pretty well covers itself with theses very attractive bright yellow whorls of flowers, followed by wonderful seed pods.
I think it is a great addition to any temperate garden.

Here I have it growing in the front garden with Lavender and a pink Austin rose...pretty!

But until a lovely lady in my gardening class brought in a charming bouquet containing Phlomis it had never occurred to me to use it as a cut flower.


I went online for more information about this common plant and found that not only is it an excellent cut flower but the seed heads dry well. And you know how much I like to find new kinds of things to dry for winter bouquets.

There is also a pink version which I simply must try.

 Now in my garden Phlomis has a few additional values. And I have found that there is much to learn,  even about the most ordinary plants.

Thank you Alice!

And, thank you for visiting.

I hope you are having a sunshine filled day.


  1. That's a beautiful plant Adrienne! I didn't know about it at all. I wonder if it would grow in south Texas?

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I am loving your yellow and purple centerpiece. You have the garden we all aspire to. I was looking at a Christmas post you did and wondered what the words on your kitchen wall say?

    1. It is in french and it says, "The cook is always right". Thank you. I love it.

  3. I love that plant and have one in front of my hydrangea. I was thinking about taking it out, but learning that it can go into bouquets and looks so nice - it can stay. Mine is now blooming also. I am glad to learn that it drought tolerant.
    Everything looks so nice. Are you going on the Mary Lou Heard Garden Tour? Fullerton is having one this Sunday and I plan on going. Will take a lot of pictures.

  4. I used to have a phlomis plant in my garden but somehow it disappeared. Yours looks incredibly robust!
    Your lovely arrangement is very beautiful....like a Dutch Masters painting....it is always so exciting when we learn from other gardeners....and often it is the simplest things that inspire us. How lovely that you have rediscovered your phlomis as a cut flower!

  5. Your floral display is just gorgeous. I'll have to show your latest post to my husband/gardener. We are still minus leaves with our recent spell of very cold weather again, but I keep dreaming of spring blooms! Keep inspiring us and send some of that sunshine and warm weather across the US!

  6. Jerusalem Sage indeed looks interesting - I have to research it a little bit more before I decide whether I want to include it into my garden. As you know, I love drought tolerant plants - I think there is no other way in CA. Isn't it fascinating how we always learn something new about things that we think we know? Your bouquet looks beautiful!

  7. Hello Adrienne,

    Phlomis is indeed a great plant for dry places. It is very tolerant of harsh conditions and is reliably hardy. We have to confess to preferring the pink variety. It is not so robust but its lavender/ pink flowers are so wonderfully romantic and dreamy. It would look absolutely stunning in combination with pink Roses and Lavender.

  8. What a beautiful blog, I love your pictures!! Just wanted to stop and say thank you for leaving a sweet comment!


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