Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring is growing close ~

There are many signs in the garden that winter is ending and spring is growing near.

An example - the early apples trees are blooming. 
You don't really think of apple trees in Southern California, but if you plant the low chill varieties they do quite well.

I am very fond of them and have quite a few scattered around the garden, including an allee of ornamental crabapples which will bloom much later in the season. I grow the fruiting apples for their form, the fruit of course, and how exquisite they are in bloom.

I like them best as seen here, when they are leafing out but still covered with blossoms. 

In the far back along a fence I planted a row of apple trees to block out a neighboring house, it works and it is also quite lovely, especially when in bloom.

One of the nice things about the trees in the front adjacent to the sidewalk, is that I get to share the fruit with people walking by. Gardens are for sharing, don't you think.

Thank you for visiting.

I hope you enjoy the beauty in your day


  1. WOW your trees are beautiful. Your gardens always look so pretty.
    I went to M& M gardens and got a flat of various flowering plants and can hardly wait to get them in the ground. But the weather is sure cold.

    How are you coming along with your living room?

    Enjoy the weekend.


  2. I love your attitude regarding sharing! I too believe that the beauty and bounty of a garden are for sharing. Isn't it just the nicest feeling to share a bouquet from one's own garden?

  3. Your garden is beautiful, Adrienne, and those trees are really special. In years past, we always had a young man who would knock at the door and ask if he could take a rose to his sweetheart. I always gave him a bouquet. He must have moved on as I haven't seen him for a couple of years..The love you put into your garden certainly shows..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. Your lovely yard and trees are looking wonderful after the rains. How lucky to walk down the sidewalk and pick a piece of fruit off the tree.

  5. They are pretty with their multi trunks. xoxo Su

  6. Your garden is so beautiful! And that stone wall is just wonderful. Lovely photos.


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