Sunday, February 5, 2017

Something pretty ~

There are certain places in my home where nothing looks as good as a bouquet. Not a small bouquet but a big, old fashion, lavish one. I like to bring in cut flowers from the garden but these arrangements need to be large and I don't want to spend the time, or if nothing is blooming in the garden, the money, to make new ones all the time.

This is when dried flowers are very useful - besides I just like the way they look, and they last for a very long time.

when I wanted to make an arrangement to put on the small credenza in the living room today, I raided my cache of dried flowers. Cut from the garden throughout the last growing season they have been hung and kept in a closet to dry. 

Then, I made a quick trip to the nearby bridal path for some fresh eucalyptus. A great filler, it is best to use fresh and left to dry in the vase. 

. The colors in the bouquet reflect the colors I am using in the room...shades of cream, gold, moss green, and rose.

I am pleased with the way it turned out. Flowers add so much to a home; fresh or dried, I like them both.

This little credenza and mirror are my favorite pieces of furniture. Bought together many years ago from a women with the most beautiful collection of antiques. I really treasure them. The two Corday figures were a gift from my brother.

When spring arrives I will be cutting more things to dry for next year. I think it would  be interesting to make a floral arrangement using  herbs...rosemary, lavender and sage come to mind, with maybe a few roses mixed in for color. Wouldn't it would smell wonderful! Oh, and I definitely need to plant more hydrangeas they dry so beautifully.

Have a happy day..


  1. The credenza is the perfect spot for your blowsy, lavish bouquet. The stash of dried flowers is a treasure trove! What a treat it is on a morning of sleet and hail to visit your sunny blog.

    1. Thank you. It is supposed to rain next week...but no sleet or hail. I also read that you got some snow last week. Wow! But, you do have the most glorious, temperate summers and ours in recent years have been horrible.

      I hope that your son is doing well.

      Take care.

  2. A gorgeous bouquet reminds me of a Dutch Masters painting.

  3. What a lovely thing to say - thank you!

  4. Adrienne, just gorgeous. Such a beautiful sight with the credenza and mirror and especially, since they all came from your garden. Nothing would look better in your lovely home..Happy Monday..Judy

  5. Such an absolutely beautiful dried bouquet. I'm guessing your sweet kitty is very good about leaving this alone. Thank you for always posting on my blog, even when I'm not good about keeping it active.

  6. So beautiful! I am amazed by how you can dry them so beautifully. 😉😉 And the way you arrange them, like a professional!


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