Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tiny treasures ~

 In the midst of winter you wouldn't think there would be much going on in the garden, but it is one of the busiest times for me. It is the time I do my annual clean-up: pruning, spreading chicken manure and refreshing the beds with mulch. Every week the bin is full to overflowing with debris that is either too big or not appropriate for the compost pile.

Aside from lots of work there are also some real treats to be found, what I call tiny treasures -plants that could easily overlooked because they are small and delicate, but because nothing much else is blooming and with the garden so bare they really capture attention. It is their time to shine.

One of my favorite tiny treasures, along with violets and Forget-me-nots, is the bulb, Leucojum, commonly called Summer Snowflake.

I have them planted in semi-shade along one of the pathways in the back garden where they happily come back each year and have now formed large clumps. They keep company with this large cherub figure - the first garden ornament I ever purchased many years ago. 

This past Sunday, on a glorious sunny day following a week of rain, I found them in full bloom. (The cherub seems to be musing about something, maybe it is his lack of clothes.)

How something that appears so delicate can survive and flourish in the garden is always a surprise to me, and it is also one of the things about gardening that gives me joy - a gardener gets so many wonderful surprises.

Wishing you a few good surprises in your day.

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  1. It is a great time to get busy in the garden deadheading and cleaning up after the winter storms.
    We need to get a load of fine gravel delivered so we can top dress our gravel paths.
    Those beautiful flowers are known here as snowdrops....there are many varieties and I have been trying to plant a few every year and am hoping that they will multiply...love how they look massed together and naturalized under taller plants and bushes.
    Enjoy the fresh air and the exercise out there in your garden!

  2. I love to see that you have a new post up Adrienne. I am not able to sit down to read much these days, but I don't like to miss the peace and tranquility that your posts provide. Your Snowdrops are lovely. Such a treat in January here too.

  3. lovely pictures. so glad you all got rain out there, even if some got a little more than they needed. Summer should be great with all that water.

  4. I have found a few surprises also. The rain really did good for our gardens. Your gardens are always so beautiful.

    Guess we are on tap for more rain Thursday and Friday and another one on Monday. Bring it on, I say we can use it all.

    Enjoy your weekend. Hows the living room coming along?


  5. Adrienne, your garden is really beautiful, no matter what time of the year it is. Love the tiny treasures. My violets are starting to show their little bits. Can't wait for that sweet smell..Happy Week to you. We are expecting rain for the rest of the week. 29 inches in January. Yeah, no more drought!..Judy

  6. I love all these little surprises in the garden as well. Yours is so beautiful, and the cherub is adorable. He is surrounded by a lot of prettiness. I wish I could work more in the garden these days, but with all the rain it is not possible. I did a little bit of pruning when we had a couple dry days, but it has been raining for the past two days and still is. There will be a lot to do as soon as the rain stops.


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