Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A bit of an obsession ~

I have a bit of an obsession with crystal - chandeliers, stemware, vases, and especially candlesticks. 
I love the sparkle, shimmer and the way that under certain condition the light shines through and refracts in a spectrum of clean, clear, colors.

A favorite is just about anything made by Fostoria. a company that went out of business decades ago. Some of their patterns, the most famous which was Americana, are only glass but so beautifully molded that they have all of the appearance of crystal, but are sturdy enough for everyday use. For the past few years I have slowly collected quite a few pieces of Americana stemware and plates and I enjoy using it everyday.

So last week, at a time of boredom, when it was too rainy to work in the garden, I went online to check out Fostoria candlesticks. And, I found these.

This pattern is called Navarre Baroque. I fell in love. They even had had all eight of the original prisms. 

I knew immediately that I would put them on my kitchen table along with this lovely bowl that I treasure - it was a wedding gift to my parents from my grandparents. They are of the same Art Deco period  and go together beautifully

What I didn't expect when I placed them on the table was the way that the morning sun would shine in through the window and create such a wonderful effect of illumination. I tried to capture it with my camera but like with trying to truly capture so many beautiful things it wasn't possible. 

Even without lighting the candles these light up my kitchen and add a special glow to my breakfast.

I really should be downsizing but so far I am not very good at it. Maybe later.

Thank you for visiting.

I hope you have some sparkle and shimmer in your day.


  1. What a wonderful find. May you enjoy the sparkle every day! Downsizing can wait.

  2. What a great find and they are so beautiful. The sun catching thei sparkle would surely make your day beautiful.

    So glad that we finaly had rain and looking forward to more rain this week.

    Have a sparkling week.

  3. We all have things that bring us joy and your vintage Fostoria crystal is quite stunning. I see no reason to downsize when one has a home big enough to accommodate these treasures.
    I am hoping that you will light the candles and show us how they look at night time.

  4. Oh my! All so beautiful on your table and in your lovely room!

  5. Those are BEAUTIFUL as is the bowl!!! There is nothing prettier than the morning sun through glass or crystal. I have our east facing windows lined with bits and bobs of glassware, and it is wonderful to eat breakfast by, and in the summer to wake up to!!!
    Thanks for sharing your new years treat to yourself!!!!

  6. Don't ever downsize! Those are such a beautiful find and look wonderful on your table. Working my way back..Judy


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