Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring has arrived ~

A few years ago, in what was my first attempt to cut back on water usage and minimize garden maintenance, I took out a very large, intensely planted 25x100 foot perennial  border running along my driveway. 
I replaced it with a meandering gravel path, pink antique roses, four flowering ornamental crabapple trees and mulch.

This, I must say, was one of my better ideas.

This area is now almost completely maintenance free and it is all on a drip system so it uses comparatively little water.

But the best part is every spring when the crabapple trees bloom - they are quite spectacular and grow more so every year as they continue to mature.

The trees are under-planted at the base with Santa Barbara daisies and a very common purple geranium. Between the two I have something blooming almost year around. Then if I am very lucky the pink roses start blooming, as they are doing this year, along with the apple trees.

It is such a delight when occasionally something turns out even better than you had hoped for.

Happy gardening!

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  1. Great idea and great look. The fact they're low maintenance just makes it that much better.

    1. As I mentioned before not all of my ideas turn out so well...this time I got lucky.

  2. Adrienne, I am always in awe of your gardens. What a sight that must be coming up your driveway. You certainly knew the right type of plants to put in and they are just amazing..Happy Tuesday..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy. Right now it really does look quite nice, but with all of the rain everything,everywhere,looks fantastic. Although we are a bit ahead of you I imagine that your garden is busting out in glory also.

  3. Pink flowers of crabapple are so beautiful.
    We planted a young tree of a crabapple in our garden last winter, and we hope it bear beautiful flowers and fruits in near future.

  4. Just lovely! We had a crabapple tree in the garden of my childhood home that was spectacular in spring. Your space is laid out so beautifully. And low water is not only best, but so much easier! So glad it has been such a success for you. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Happy spring!

  5. Oh who lovely to see those trees in bloom. I love Santa Barbara Daisy's and I have quite a few of them planted in my gardens.

    Beautiful pictures - enjoy your lovely gardens and have a great weekend.



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