Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling into Temptation

October is the month to plant spring blooming bulbs here in Southern California. Although bulbs that need a winter chill such as, tulips, hyacinths and fritillaries don't do well in our climate, we do have an amazingly good selection of bulbs to pick from. This year I had decided enough was enough and I was going to skip planting more bulbs and concentrate on other garden projects. Then I remembered this...

and this...

And I promptly got in my car, went to the garden shop, and came home with this! I not only fell into temptation, but this time I leaped headlong into it. I just can't resist such anticipated beauty.

(My wish now, is that these will have the confidence to fulfill their potential beauty. Please visit  to see other wishes on Wish Casting Wednesday).

And...what has made you fall into temptation lately?


  1. Adrienne, the flowers are so beautiful, it's tempting to me. :)

  2. Oh, I can so relate to this temptation! Here the soil is still too hard to dig... so I wait. I'm a sucker for tulips and I actually have some that come back year after year. Quite surprising in this climate!

  3. What pretty flowers, I can see why you can't resist the temptation to plant more. If I planted bulbs something would likely eat them up during the winter.

  4. Hola Adrienne, I completely understand you, how can you not plant more bulbs after looking at your wonderful bloomed "narcisos"??
    My temptation is roses, and roses and more roses!!
    maria cecilia

  5. Ha! You should never have looked back. Those pictures were just beautiful! You never had a chance!

    I still can't get over the dress you made. I have to say again - gorgeous!

  6. I too have been tempted but have resisted the temptation of the pretty pictures of the various bulbs...but your post is so inspiring OK maybe just a few packages!! I'm sure this spring I'll be thanking you!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  7. The garden is calling you. Good that the weather is good - we have been having rain - lots of it yesterday. Those bulbs would probably rot in the ground here. Have you gotten all of them planted? The bulbs are like a little surprise that you get to open in the spring. Such anticipation!!
    Love Dayna


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