Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rien à l'usure...nothing to wear

I have been invited to a very special affair and after searching through my closet I discovered much to my dismay that I have nothing appropriate to wear...absolutely nothing! rien à l'usur

But...I remembered picking up this nice piece of "Missoni inspired" knit on sale several months ago, and  for a while I have wanted to try making this dress: it is a knits only pattern, few pieces, no zipper to install and it got rave reviews on This seems perfect! What do I have to loose

Voila! Here it is. I am pleased. It was everything that I expected...easy to make and very flattering; this picture does not do it justice. (I have found that it is very hard to take a picture of a garment without a body in it). And, one of the best parts - it goes wonderfully with the new shoes I bought under a cloud of guilt a few weeks ago. It seems that falling into temptation pays off after all...well, maybe sometimes.

I hope you like it. What do you do when you have rien à l'usure?

Resources: Simplicity pattern 3775


  1. omg - how adorable & elegant! you will be the "belle of the ball" ~ of the luncheon? ~ of the soiree?
    have a delightful time! you'll look stunning!

  2. Adrienne,
    This is soooo weird! I was just at our Marshall's and saw your shoes
    and then I come home to find you have a gorgeous dress to go with
    Maybe you should start a business as a stylist! : )
    Have fun!

  3. My, that turned out cute. Have fun at your special event :)

  4. Your dress turned out very stylish! The shoes are perfect with it. Love the way you photographed it!

  5. Nice job with the dress! I've never learned to sew with knit fabric but I might need to now.

  6. Hola Adrienne, have loved your garden and home. It´s beeing so nice finding your beautiful blog.
    greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  7. Adrienne, Your dress turned out beautiful. You will be the belle of the ball! I am so glad to know there is a pattern review site. I didn't know that so thanks for the info! Enjoy your "affair".

  8. The dress has turned out beautifully, love the shoes!

  9. What a beautiful dress you have created...Just lucky with the shoes??? lol

  10. Ok....I'm jealous of your sewing abilities! lol! What a beautiful dress! And those shoes just rock that outfit, girl! Love it!!! Happy MM to you!

    xoxo laurie

  11. I haven't sewed anything in ages. Good job. I am so glad I wear a uniform to work because otherwise I would never have anything to wear.

  12. Gorgeous dress!
    And I love those shoes!

  13. Hi Adrienne, thanks for your comment on my motivation post! It motivated me (hahaha :) to come back to your blog -- what a lovely discovery, and I LOVE that dress! I fear that sewing is becoming a lost art -- I assume this as so many fabric stores have closed. It's great to see others out there making beautiful things. I haven't sewn for myself in years, having gone the route of home decor sewing, but you inspire me with this dress to get back at it. If only I could buy a few more hours to add to my day! I'll bet you'll look great in this dress, it looks perfectly tailored!

  14. That turned out great & looks perfect with those accessories. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  15. I love, Love the dress. It looks just like you and now it made taking the shoes for a walk just the right thing to do!!
    You have been very busy.
    Love Dayna


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