Friday, January 11, 2013

Absolutely Necessary ~

There are a couple of places in my home where a bouquet is absolutely necessary ~ a space that just calls for flowers.

One of these spots is on this little credenza in my living room. Nothing seems to work here for me but a big, lavish bouquet. And here is the one for winter 2013!

I dried a lot of flowers last summer and I brought out most of them for this bouquet ~
Statice, Yarrow, Hydrangeas, various herbs, and Sea Lavender among other things.

I combined it all with Eucalyptus I clipped from the nearby bridle path.

It is just what I wanted: soft and subdued, suitable I think for these cooler months of winter.

When spring arrives I will replace this bouquet with lighter and more colorful blooms from the garden. For now though I am very happy that I took the time to dry these and next year I plan on even doing more.

Have you ever dried flowers? If not you might want to give it a try. I did all of these by the hang dry method ~ super-duper easy!
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  1. What a beautiful bouquet! Just the range of colours to appeal to the eye after the bright hues of Christmas

  2. What a gorgeous arrangement. It's the perfect compliment against your papered walls.

  3. Adrienne, that boquet is absolutely perfectly beautiful! I love the backdrop of the wallpaper and your credenza and mirror are spectacular..Happy Friday..Judy

  4. looks great! And I love the mirror.

  5. Very pretty! I have hydrangeas in the yard...I have always thought about drying them, but never tried...I think I should! Have a great weekend!!

  6. Your bouquet is lovely as is all that you do. You are such a talented, artistic, creative soul. And you knit too.

  7. Your bouquet is just gorgeous and looks perfect in the setting you have chosen. The best part is it will last for weeks with no changing of water. Such a gift to be able to enjoy last summer's blooms in the middle of winter.

  8. You did a fabulous job as always! How wise of you to plan just the perfect bouquet. The colors are just gorgeous and perfect for the space.

  9. Hello Adrienne:
    Your arrangement looks wonderful on the credenza and backed by the mirror. The size of the piece of furniture really does demand an arrangement of this size and it works so beautifully well.

    We have never had much success with drying flowers but you seem to have a magical touch in this regard. The colours still look so very fresh and you have such an interesting mix of flowers and foliage. Hydrangea heads we always think to be particularly lovely.

    A wonderfully floriferous start to 2013. Wishing you every joy over the coming months!

  10. Such a wonderful idea - so lovely to enjoy the fruits of your garden through the winter! Looks lovely against the mirror :)

  11. It's beautiful. I like using dried flowers too, in fact I dried hydrangeas from my garden and used them in vases on my fireplace mantel.

  12. beautiful photos.. the flowers just light up the space :)


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