Monday, January 28, 2013

Hearts and Flowers ~

I have been impressed with the very cleaver small wreaths using coat hangers as a form that I have seen on Pinterest: you can twist them into any shape and as a bonus...they come with their own hook for hanging. 

So I thought that I would try to make one myself for Valentines Day. The hardest part was finding a wire hanger, a la Joan Crawford, I seem to have thrown them all out in favor of the plastic ones, but way back in a closet I found one that had escaped the purge.

I thought this window was a perfect place to hang a little wreath, I had one of a similar size here for Christmas.

I already had everything I needed in my stash of faux flowers, and I also had a bag of moss. I attached the moss with florist wire to bulk up the wreath a bit before attaching the flowers and greenery.

My goal was to make something that softly whispered but didn't shout Valentines Day and I think this is it. As you can tell Miss Twiggley approves and who am I to argue.

Anyone for tea?


  1. Just beautiful! Love the view out the window too!

  2. I need to share this post with my Mother. She adores all things beautiful...including sweet furry kittens. Gorgeous wreath. Gorgeous view.

  3. oh my goodness, Miss Twiggley has grown!

    And I'll be over at 4pm for tea.

    1. Miss Twiggley will be there to great you at the door.

  4. Your wire hanger wreath is just fabulous!

  5. just adorable! & Miss Twiggley is getting soooo (I'm saying this with LOVE) plump!

  6. Hello Adrienne:
    This really is most attractive and, as you say, completely understated which is so very much a part of its charm. What is more, it is beautifully made. Lovely.

  7. I do love how pretty that wreath looks hanging in your window.
    Miss Twiggly is really growing! I would like to see more of her in a future post.
    Yes tea would be lovely!

  8. How pretty and such a nice spot looking out into your garden,it's all so lovely :)

  9. What an absolutely LUSCIOUS view, Adrienne! Your beautiful wreath just looks perfect there. Beautiful photos!

  10. PS (Thanks for asking.. No I didn't make my afghan. Found it at the thrift store!)

  11. Love that you decided for it to whisper instead of shout Valentine's Day. Beautiful pictures! Love this area in your home~so inviting.

  12. I like your wreath very much, Adrienne. If you need more of those wire hangers, you can always try thrift stores. Sometimes it's amazing what you can find there. But even better than your wreath I like the view out of your window into your beautiful garden.

  13. I LOVE it Adrienne!!! It looks beautiful in your window. I love your window must be a favorite place for you. I can see that it is for your kitty :)

  14. Tea at the window, beneath the sweet wreath, would be such a lovely Valentine's Day treat. You have set the scene so beautifully.

  15. I finally took the Christmas wreath down the other day (terrible, I know!), but haven't gotten around to replacing it with any thing new. Somewhere or other I know I have a pretty wreath for Valentine's Day. I must dig it out.
    Your effort turned out wonderfully! As you say it is understated- and I like that. Very pretty!

  16. I love how the wreath turned out. Your arrangements are always so beautiful. I have to see if I can find a wire clothes hanger!
    Oh, Miss Twiggley has gotten so big! She is a real scene stealer, sex kitten that she is! Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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