Friday, November 21, 2014

Mini pumpkins for Thanksgiving ~

My daughter recently hosted a event that required party favors.

After a lot of thought
we came up with the idea that to go along with the Thanksgiving theme she would place a succulent filled mini-pumpkin at each table setting: economical, fitting for the season and surprisingly easy to do.

The only thing she had to buy were the mini pumpkins. I  harvested the succulent cuttings and we combined them with other items from our gardens including acorns, berries and some dried flowers.

 Once the prototype was put together we were ready to set up an assembly line in my kitchen.

We put down a bit of moss as a base and then attached everything with a glue gun.

Voila! Once done each pumpkin was placed on a fall leaf to give it more definition.

 These can be made several days ahead of time and set out the day of the event, they will last for quite a while. I think they would be a wonderful addition to any Thanksgiving dinner table.

I am fortunate to have lots of succulents to take cutting from but you could also make these using other material; silk flowers would be very pretty.

( Postscript, the party was held last night and these were a big hit, it is always nice when people like what you do.)

I hope your Thanksgiving plans are going well. 

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