Friday, November 7, 2014

Une petite surprise ~

I had a little surprise this morning.

I knew I had raccoons about the property but they are usually illusive. Then this morning I spied these little guys snoozing, up in the branches of my very old  Lady Banks rose.

I couldn't resist taking a picture, there were three of them but one was hidden. I am fascinated by spark of intelligence in their eyes and the length of their paws, no wonder they can conjure up such mischief! 

How can anything so cute be so naughty!


  1. I'm showing this to my girls. Oh my!! They are beautiful and so naughty.

  2. We have lots of raccoons here too and they are so adorable to look at but they can be vicious.
    They like to press their noses against the glass of the french door to our deck and they leave muddy paw prints on the glass. Our cats are safe inside and very interested in them.

  3. There so many here south Foliruda
    Don't give them food if you do they don't go away from your property
    And is bad for you cat and Dog
    Be careful with them that live cat and Dig foot
    God look with theme
    Be careful!!!!

  4. They are darling, but they are little terrorist. Can do so much damage. We have possums, rats and squirrels. Never seen and raccoon's around.
    Cooler weather - so excited for the cooler weather


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