Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Les charmantes petites fleurs ~

I think one of the nicest things about gardening is the surprise. Every year throughout the seasons one never knows what will appear, plants, bulbs and seeds that one has planted, forgotten...and then regularly come back, bloom, and delight. Many of these in my garden are supplied by what I call the petites fleurs.

Such are Violets.

I forget all about them and then one day I go out in the garden and find these exquisite little flowers. 

Here they are growing in the back garden next to the pond...

...and another grouping tucked up under the river rock wall in the front garden. 

My mother loved them and I always took her a little bouquet when they appeared. Today, in her memory In picked a few and placed them in a tiny, crystal antique toothpick container and put them on my dressing table.

The fragrance is remarkable and the charm immeasurable.

A perfect example of a lovely petite fleur.

Thank you for visiting. I hope your day is full of beautiful blooms.


  1. We have violets in our garden but they will not be up for months...but we do have snowdrops blooming!
    Wee bunches of blooms make great offerings...grannies, mummies and wives all seem to love them.

  2. Bonjour chère Adrienne,

    Un sublime et doux billet accompagné de merveilleuses photos.
    Il me tarde de voir refleurir les violettes...
    Je comprends aisément que votre maman les aimait. Elles ont un parfum si subtil.
    J'aime aussi déguster le fondant au chocolat arrosé d'un petit nuage de sirop de violette.
    Gros bisous ♡ ☼ ♡

  3. Hello Adrienne,

    How right you are about these delightful tiny flowers. They do make the most perfect of miniature bouquets. And, they are all the more lovely when they are the first brave flowers to bloom. Fragile yet strong. Perfect!

  4. I love violets! Such a gorgeous plant.

  5. So pretty, Adrienne, and such a sweet sentiment..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  6. Beautiful violets! Thankyou for stopping by and for your lovely comment! Take care!

  7. So very very pretty. A beautiful tiny bouquet filled with sweet memories of your Mom.

  8. ...In France, there is a perfume has existed for more than a century, is called " les violettes de Toulouse", parfum Berdoues, your Mom would have loved it.

    It's really a tender note, moved me deeply dear Adrienne.

  9. Ahhh, sweet little violets. What a nice surprise in the garden.

  10. I adore the look of violets, they are an early spring flower here in this region and I cannot wait. ( I seem to have trouble keeping them alive as flowering house plants!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin


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