Friday, January 23, 2015

Salad days ~

For the last year I have been trying to redesign my garden, mainly to reduce my water usage but also to lower maintenance. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it right, as in this area under the rear deck off of the kitchen. On the first attempt I reduced the flower border, enlarged the gravel area and added some grass. This time around all of the grass has been removed and I have created another little rondel, no grass, just mulch, edged in boxwood, which once established is quite drought tolerant and a newly planted weeping cherry in the center.


. left me with a strip along the brick pathway that needed something.

So, I planted a little salad garden! There was also enough room for some stock, a flower I love, it has the most wonderful fragrance and some herbs: parsley, chives and winter savory.


 On the other side of the path I put in strawberries, which I know I am going to fight the resident Blue Jays over.

Now, right outside my back door I can just step down and pick lettuce for a salad, or cut some herbs for cooking whilst enjoying the lovely scent of stock and later I might even be able to beat the birds for a few strawberries.

Lucky, lucky me!

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  1. Hello Adrienne,

    Often people are very reluctant to do away with grass. But, in a small space, it is so good not to have any lawn. Grass requires a great deal of maintenance to look green and lush and, as you have shown, one can create interest and less work without it.

    Your salad garden is delightful and will provide a delicious harvest for you....and the birds!

  2. It's interesting to learn about the changes in your garden - changes that suit you and your lifestyle. The thought of stepping out the kitchen door to cut some salad greens is a lovely one. We have to do some garden planning soon - a good thing to do right now as the rain falls and falls and falls!

  3. Your new garden area looks beautiful and I love your new design! I love gardens where herbs, vegetables, fruit, and flowers are planted to each other. It's so nice to go out the back door into your very own garden and pick your own vegetables, herbs and fruit! I especially love it when I cut a few sprigs of fresh rosemary...the scent is divine!

  4. Your garden area is very nice and well thought out. I love fresh lettuce and the herbs. Everything looks really good. I would love to get rid of all my grass and just have roses and flowers everywhere and some vegetables.
    Looks like we are in for a windy hot weekend. Enjoy.

  5. I like the brick patio and your idea of keeping the salad garden close to your back door makes sense and will be so convenient. I like that you've mixed the flowers in with the all looks so pretty.

  6. Your "salad bar" looks really nice! Somehow lettuce doesn't do very well in my garden, don't ask me why. I got rid of all my lawn around the front of the house and am creating a wildlife habitat with mainly native and drought tolerant plants. It takes a while, but people who pass by already tell me how much they enjoy the beauty. Every year it gets better and more "grown in". Good for you to get rid of the grass - after all, this is California and not England, and it seems we're heading into our fourth straight year of drought (dislike, dislike, dislike!).

  7. How wonderful to have all those beautiful herbs right at your finger tips. So pretty and functional.

  8. What a wonderful idea. How perfect to step out your back door and pick from your garden. It's a lovely space.

  9. I tried planting a salad garden last year but the cats were always at it! thank goodness for farmer's markets!


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