Saturday, January 3, 2015

The best spot ~

It has been quite least for us...the past week. Frost is on the roof every morning and I have been bundling up to go walking. Meanwhile Miss Twiggley has found a soft, cushy place to take her morning nap where she can be gently warmed by the sun.

Cats really know how to find the best spots!

I hope that your new year is off to a good start.


  1. Keep warm and Happy New Year! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. We too, have had frost every morning, it looks like snow and it is so pretty. I have stayed in resting and recouping from all of the Holiday fun. Monday, hopefully I will hit the floor ready to go. Until then, staying warm and cozy inside!!

  3. Happy New Year!!! So far so good...just a little too chilly for my taste though. Miss Twiggley has the right idea!!!

  4. My sister has gone to Palm Springs for the sunshine and warm weather but has messaged me saying it is COLD! It is chilly here too but we are used to this weather and have all the clothes needed like down coats, wooly scarves and mittens.
    Miss Twiggly is a clever puss and I love the sofa she chose to use to have her nap.

  5. Our year is off to a slow start! That's a good thing because we've gone a pretty fast pace through the holidays so we need to slow a bit before we take off running again. Stay warm and tell Miss Twiggley I love her taste in napping spots.

  6. Yes, it sure has been cold here in Orange Co also. The dogs are always looking for the sun coming to take a nap. Although they got nice big soft doggie beds. Miss Twiggly has the right idea. Love your couch - you know how I love toile.
    Happy New Year and stay warm. My roses are really blooming as I did a heaver dead head in Oct. I was tired of seeing nothing pretty during the holidays and they really out did themselves.

  7. I only came to tell you " Bonne et très heureuse année" dear Adrienne.
    A kiss to the lovely and clever Miss Twiggley!!!

  8. Cats are so clever and really do find the coziest spots. Such a beautiful room for Miss Twiggley. Stay warm.


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