Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Romance and roses ~

To me there is something very appealing in the simple combination of roses and scented geraniums, plus the combined fragrance can be intoxicating.
Here in an old glass container I casually put together the old Tea rose Monsieur Tillier, rose scented geraniums and a few sprigs of Santa Barbara daisies. There is certainly nothing elegant about this but  in my opinion the roses with their pale rose, salmon, and purple multi-petaled blooms really don't need much added; their beauty stands alone.

Monieur Tillier Tea rose, 1891

Tea roses are my favorite roses, these are not to be confused with Hybrid Tea roses. Tea roses are a much older class of roses. They need little care, I almost never prune them as I like their large, open growth which fits in with my informal cottage garden style. As far as feeding, an occasional scattering of chicken manure seems to suffice. Granted they do not have as long a vase life as Hybrid Tea roses but the aura of romance in their lovely blooms more than makes up for it. Think of lovely ladies in soft, wispy, pastel gowns strolling at twilight  through bygone gardens and you get some idea of what I mean.

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I hope you have a delightful and very romantic day.


  1. The photo is beautiful enough to make me believe I can smell the perfume of the beautiful Monsieur Tillier.

  2. Beautiful post. your photos are always so lovely. I also liked the teaser of the hint of romance in the title. I thought maybe you were going to tell us of a secret caller.

  3. Monsieur Tillier is a beautiful rose, indeed. The entire arrangement is lovely.


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