Thursday, March 10, 2016

Striving for perfection ~

Every year when the trees in my crabapple allée bloom I try to take a perfect picture that will capture their beauty. I planted these trees along the front part of the driveway about four years ago. This area used to be a large mixed border requiring lots of maintenance and water. This was the solution to cutting back on both those and it has worked wonderfully.

 A gravel path wends its way through the trees ending in a little sitting area; mulch takes care of the rest. Pink tea roses which will bloom later offer a backdrop. The trees are under-planted with the ever dependable Santa Barbara Daisy.

Now that they are blooming the trees attract lots of honey bees, in the winter the small fruit provides food for birds.

As for the perfect picture, it still hasn't happened. I just can't seem to capture what this looks like especially in the early morning sunlight.

But I think I am getting a little closer, here is my attempt for this year. The blossoms haven't yet reached the top branches. They will last for several weeks then trees will slowly be covered in new green leaves.

Not perfect but still pretty, I will try again next year, after all perfection isn't easily obtained.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a pretty if not perfect day.


  1. Your trees are lovely and look very well there. I just love the Santa Barbara Daisy's.
    Have quite a few in my yard and pots.
    Looking forward to the rain that is predicted for Friday and Saturday morning. Have a great weekend.

  2. Perfection is highly overrated!....your Crab Apple Allee is just beautiful. You must wish to sit out there as much as you can during blossom time.

  3. such a pretty and creative way to replace lawn, which is highly over rated. love your trees, rocks and green plants.

  4. I think it looks very nice. I love how you decorate your garden.

  5. Magazine worthy! What gorgeous pictures of your crab apples! I'm making my husband come look at my laptop!


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