Monday, March 14, 2016

What brings a smile ~

"Now that we have had some rain, do think I could get my hair back?"

I bought this tree man several years ago at a garden shop while visiting my sister in Carmel. I put him on my big shade tree in the back garden. When the tree had to be cut down I removed him and packed him away. A few months ago I came across him in storage and realized that this Liquid Amber tree along the driveway might be the perfect place to put him back up. And it was.

 Seeing him always makes me smile and here I can see him from the windows in the kitchen and the office.

The poor fellow hasn't had any hair (leaves) since he was put here, today however I noticed that buds are beginning to form so pretty soon he will be perfectly coiffed. Both he and the birds will be happier.

 Thank you for visiting, I hope your day has a smile in it.


  1. I love this sort of whimsey in a garden! You certainly have a lovely garden for it. Aren't we so glad for spring?

  2. That face must make you smile each time you see it. Isn't it nice to be able to use something again, long after it's been stashed away?

  3. It looks so cute on the tree. I would be smiling too whenever I saw it.

  4. Ha! What a great decoration for your tree. Hope he gets some hair soon!

  5. So cute, Adrienne. I have an old Holly tree that I have been thinking might need a man of her own..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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