Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wreath Fever

This holiday decorating season for me is definately the 'Year of the Wreath'. For some reason I need new wreaths for several places...the remodeled room for one and the front door for another. I love making wreaths, probably because they are so easy and always seem to turn out looking good no matter what you do. This wreath, for the window in the media/library was inspired by one I saw in a back issue of Victoria magazine.

I love the idea of adding red roses, I had a little trouble finding them this time of year...poinsettias, hydrangeas, berries, holly, but no red roses, and then I remembered buying a rose nosegay on sale when I was in the check-out line at Michael's last fall. I ending up pulling it apart, they were perfect for what I wanted.

You wouldn't know it from this view but my Sugar Plum tree is just around the corner, but that is for another post.

Do you have wreath fever? Or is your holiday decorating going in another direction. From what I am seeing, simplicity, natural materials, and re-using what you already have seems to be the focus this year.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Door Bouquets

Over the past weeks I have been cutting the very last of the fall blooming roses, and various herbs to to dry for the winter months. I thought it would be nice to make bouquets to hang on different doors throughout the house. They will be a nice addition to the holiday decorations and add a lovely scent as I have included lavender, rosemary and sage along with the roses. This one is on the door going into the master bedroom.

At one time I dried many kinds of flowers and herbs and then for some reason stopped doing it... this year I have returned to making potpourri, and now these bouquets.

Next spring and summer I plan on planting more things that will be suitable for drying. But for now...

I think these will add to the festive atmosphere of the holiday season and will be in keeping with the more 'natural' I decorations I am planning for this year.

I hope that you are having a good weekend, I am sure that many of you like me are starting their Holiday decorations...isn't if fun! 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, may your celebration be filled with love, joy, blessings and... good food.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Bejeweled ~ the Knobs

For quite a while I have been looking for glass knobs to go in the bookcase doors. Glass knobs are very, very common and quite easy to find, the problem was that I needed them with brass rather than stainless fittings . I went to all of the usual places...Home Depot, Lowes, and many online sites. I found glass knobs in different colors, different shapes and different sizes...but none finished in brass. I think that details are one of the most important things in a room, so I held out and last week I found just what I was looking for.

I finally found them at Crown City Hardware, a store in Pasadena, California that specializes in reproductions for vintage home restorations. They have a catalogue for any of you that are looking for difficult to find items for older homes.

When I got home and really looked at these I realized just how pretty they were and really of much better quality than those at the big box stores. They have a 'jewel like' appearance that catches the light.

In fact I found them so attractive that I thought they deserved their own photo-shoot.

Today I got out my drill and installed them in the doors, they add just the understated sparkle I was looking for...I guess all in all it was worth the wait.

Thank you for visiting me. I hope you have a little sparkle in your day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outside the KItchen Window

Here in 'Sunny California' we are not known for our fall foliage but we do have some exceptions to the rule and one of the best is Hamamelidaceae, the Liquidamber tree. In nearby residential areas it is grown as a streetside tree but as it can become very large, I only have one in my garden...strangely enough it is a volunteer and was transplanted to this site outside of my kitchen window quite a few years ago, here every year in fall I can enjoy this wonderful display.

In the morning when I come into the kitchen and see this view I really know that winter is coming.

Later these yellow leaves will turn golden and then russet, finally falling to leave the branches bare to let in the winter sun.

To those of you in colder climes this must seem very tame, but to me it is a joy and a special beauty. I love scooping up the leaves to bring into the house to use in my Thanksgiving decorations.

Thank you for visiting. I hope your day  contains something beautiful.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have this little etagere, it is very cute but it has always been one of those things that was hard to place. At various times it has been  on one of the decks, in the media/library room, the bedroom, and even in the bathroom...then out of desperation, stored away.

But at last I think I have found the perfect place for to french doors in the kitchen. Now, what to put on it?

How about stacking a few old plates...

Nice, but it needs a little something else. Oh! some pots of herbs...and maybe a little bird or two, or even three.

That's better! At last.

Do you have anything like this little etagere that you absolutely adore but can't find just the right place to put ...or is it just me.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Final Flourish ~ Corbels

When I set out to redo the Library/media room over a year ago I wanted to introduce more architectural details into the final design. I set about doing this by applying onlays and moldings to the ceiling along with some faux painting to bulk up the crown molding. I also added decorative trim to the bookcases and doors. The final flourish was to add corbels between the the alcove and the larger sitting area. 

I ordered the corbels online from,, it is the same place that I purchased the onlays for the ceiling. In the picture below you can see a bit of the decorative ceiling onlay and one of the newly installed corbel's.

 I was very excited when they arrived...then a bit confused trying to figure out how to install them. I finally realized that it would require my drilling the holes for the screws to support them.

Yesterday, drill in hand I started in and I was very pleased and surprised that it went well and was so easily accomplished! I was so excited in fact, that I took these photos before I spackled and filled in the holes for the screws. And of course, although the corbels are white I still need to paint them to match the other white trim in the room.

 I think they add charm and interest to the space. There is a corresponding one on the other side.

Although you can't see it very well in this photo I backed the bookcases with damask wallpaper in the same color as the walls. You can also catch a glimpse of one of the model ships my Father made. I have another one in the bookcase on the other side

This is about it for this room...although I still need to buy the new television that was the emphasis for redoing this room to begin with, then I can share with you the wonderful piece of furniture I was able to re purpose as a media center. I also need the glass knobs for the bookcase doors, for some reason I am having difficulty finding them and I have learned from experience that it is worth it to wait and get the right thing. After such a long time and so much work it is nice to finally have it on to other projects!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I was as frightened as this poor cat this morning, and Halloween is over. When I turned on my computer to bring up my blog...Blogger told me that my blog had been deleted; no reason and little recourse. Just gone.  Fortunately my amazing son-in-law was able to somehow bring it back, I was totally lost in all of the technological mumbo-jumbo.

Has this every happened to any of you? The thought of loosing all of my wonderful friends here in Blogville and setting up a new site was very daunting. Now I just hope it doesn't happen again!