Monday, April 29, 2019

Updated office ~

A few months ago I begin an update of my office. Like most of the other home projects I have tackled it has involved endless amounts of time, just finding the right fabric, trim, wallpaper and hardware has taken forever; currently I am waiting for back-ordered switch plates and trying to find cushion fabric for the two chairs. But now that it is done, except for the aforementioned details, I wanted to share the results with you.


 My favorite part, the wall behind my desk. I love it for its elegance. And best of all I was finally able to find a place for my Mother's wall scones and porcelain figures.

The backs of the shelves on the opposite wall are now wallpapered in a soft damask wallpaper that matches the paint - a detail that I enjoy.

Once I finished making the drapes they were a bit tricky to hang. I ended up using a length of PVC pipe and closet rod hangers. Not only was this very inexpensive but quite effective in dealing with the span - the valance hides the rod.

. Dividing the room with the tie-back drapes adds pattern and color, it also seems to make the space look larger. I love the fabric and was able to get the last few yards before it was discontinued. Fringe, well what can I say, I have a real love affair with passementerie and have some type of trim on all of the window treatments I have made. 

This poor chair is waiting patiently for me to find the right fabric to recover the cushion  The grape vine and faux berry drapery tie backs are hard to see in this photo, they were recycled from the entry hall remodel of a couple of years ago, I always had the feeling I would reuse them somewhere. 

So, after restoring the old tile flooring, stripping the wallpaper and painting, installing new recessed lighting, mirrors, wall sconces, hardware, drapery...and oh yes! finding the perfect area rug and beautiful new writing desk this is the result.


...and after. 

 I absolutely love walking into this room now.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Golden mornings ~

When I woke up this morning the sun was just beginning to rise casting the whole garden in a golden hue. It was so lovely that I wanted to make an attempt to capture it with my camera and share it with you.

I planted this Honey Burst Locust tree hoping that the new, brilliant yellow foliage, would appear as the same time that the yellow Lady Banks rose on the arbor behind it was blooming, I added the Euonymus later. This lovely synchrony won't last long, the rose is once blooming and the leaves on the tree will turn green, but the sight as it is right now always thrills me.

Here at the pond, the early morning sunlight seems to make the water glisten, up close the fish are darting about making little waves among the newly blooming water lilies. The smaller tree over-hanging the edge is really a shrub that I have pruned into a tree form, it sports chartreuse foliage all year and is still covered with it's orange, winter berries - during the warm months it has lots of small purple flowers.

This is one of those times as a gardener that I forget the work, the frustrations, the disappointments and just feel so lucky!

Thank you for visiting.

Happy Spring!


Monday, April 8, 2019

Joys from the garden ~

 One of the more common place plants in my garden, but one I couldn't do without, is Limonium, better know as Sea Lavender. It is a dependable and hearty plant, I grow it for it's beauty and because it dries so well. 


Today, while weeding near a patch and inspired by it's lush blooms, I put down my trowel, cut some, came into the house and made a dried bouquet.

 I bought this straw tote last summer to make a flower arrangement for the kitchen, I wanted it to look like I had just returned from a farmer's market and casually hung it on the door, filled with flowers.

So I filled it with fresh rosemary and Limonium, then added some other things from my cache of dried flowers...roses, queen anne's lace and oak leaf hydrangeas. The fresh flowers will dry perfectly and mesh in with the previously dried ones, this bouquet should last for as long as I continue to enjoy it.

Just another joy and delight from the garden.

Thank you for visiting.