Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peach Jam ~

This spring I shared pictures with you of my peach tree in full bloom.

This peach tree is a variety breed to produce fruit in warmer climates. Last year I didn't have very many peaches, but this year ~ wow! The tree was covered. All of those pretty pink blossoms turned into these:

I have been eating lots of peaches and giving lots away, but they don't last very long and before they  disapear...

...I think it would be nice to make some jam.

This little jam pot is Americana, by Fostoria ~ one of my favorite crystal patterns.

I picked up this recipe book at the library book shop for $1.00.

Don't you think this will be yummy on my morning toast?

And now because she is just too cute...a Miss Twiggley moment. She doesn't like jam, but she really likes to play!

Thank you for visiting. I hope your day is full of sweet things and play.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss Twiggley

It has been almost two years ago that I had to put down my glorious, black Persian cat Mozart. He was  special in so many ways: beautiful and loving and oh so mellow; I have missed him tremendously and I had almost given up hope of finding another feline friend, and then last weekend, this wonderful little girl came my way.

Je vous prĂ©sente ~ I present to you!

Miss Twiggley

(The following is in her words)

Well here I am, I sure hope I am going to like it here. Right now I am a little homesick...and this person keeps taking pictures of me. I guess I am rather adorable.

I found another cat but she won't come out and play...

Funny how she looks so much like me!

I like this couch although I needed a little help getting up here. I don't think this cat isn't going to be much fun either...

Maybe there is something more interesting on the other side.

Now here is a fun thing to bat at.

Yes...I think maybe I am going to like it here after all and the lady that keeps following me around taking pictures is a definite push-over. But right now...

I need a little nap!

In case any of you were wondering Miss Twiggley is named after a character in one of my favorite children's books: Miss Twiggley's Tree.

Miss Twiggley came to me via Tracy at PerrsianKiss Persians; Thank you Tracy.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rescued Once Again ~

This little table and two chairs sit in the farthest reaches of the back garden. They have gotten terribly worn and several times I have been tempted to toss the whole set in the bin. But somehow I always decide to keep them...they are just so cute, and it does make a nice destination spot to walk to.

As you can see it really needs a new coat of paint, from all of the blogs I read, shabby and chippy  is in...

...but for me, I like fresh paint and I have the feeling that paint might be the only thing that is holding these together, so this weekend I will paint all three pieces again and keep them for another year.

Do you have something past it's prime like this little group that you just can't bring yourself to throw's funny the things that work their way into our hearts.

Thank you for visiting.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Oakleaf Hydrangea ~ a garden surprise

I was out working in my front garden the other day when I looked up and saw that my Oakleaf Hydrangea was blooming. This is a very large shrub and loves to spread out; I cut it back drastically every winter or it would take over the whole garden. This time of year it sends out lovely white flowers and as a special bonus, in the fall the foliage turns red ~ altogether a great landscape plant.

Like any good blogger I put down my gardening tools and went into the house for my camera. I usually don't bring these flowers into the house, but they were so pretty I cut some, and after putting them in a vase...

...I soon begin to notice the wonderful scent, after a while their perfume completely filled the house.  I didn't  realize that Hydrangeas had any fragrance. It was worth cutting them and bringing them in for this alone.

This little copper watering can was my Mother's and I have no idea where, or when, she got it, it was always in the kitchen and I imagine she used  it to water her African Violets. I love the wonderful patina and  simple, but elegant shape.

Pretty, n'est-ce pas? Everyday in the garden is an adventure, you never know what lovely things you might find.

Thank you for visiting, I hope that your garden is full of wonderful surprises.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Le Bistro

This little deck is just off the media/library room that I recently renovated. I used to call it my "Shabby Chic" deck because just about everything in it had been scavenged from various sidewalks on trash day. But most of that furniture had moved from shabby chic to just plain shabby and needed to be replaced.  Now here it is with a completely different look and now I am calling it...

Le Bistro!

I moved the little table and chairs from my front porch and made a tablecloth and chair pads from an old Ralph Lauren sheet; the color was perfect.  The chandelier and mantle, found remnants of a old house being torn down, I kept. The chandelier is on a dimmer which adds to the ambiance at night.

I think that this will be a nice place to sit and have a glass of wine on warm summer evenings or a cup of coffee in the morning.

This seems to be my summer of Geraniums, I have just rediscovered their charm and the many wonderful colors and variations they come in.

The little bunny seems to be happy, I am am happy too, it has been a nice change with not too much effort.

Thank you for visiting.

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