Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The most wonderous time of the year ~

Here it is, just a few days before Christmas, with everything so different this year it is hard to believe that it is almost here. Without so many of the usual markers...classes to go to, friends to entertain, family gatherings... time  has become so strange that it has become somewhat difficult to keep track of the days.

But it is indeed the holiday season, and time to decorate the house for Christmas. Since I cannot have my traditional family Christmas Eve dinner, there will be no one but Miss Twiggley and I here to enjoy it so I decided to do a scaled back version. Though not as elaborate, I have found that it has lifted my spirits and with that in mind I decided to share with you in this post some of  my favorite decorations from the past, some I repeated this year and some not.

Below, last years flower tree, one of my favorites and one I will probably repeat next year. 

All of the Santas in the kitchen a yearly must do, but sadly not this one.

2019 mantle designed to match the tree I showed in the first picture, again one of my favorites. Next year I think I will try to imitate a mantle Sharon Santoni did on her blog: A French Country home. You can see it on Instagram. It was almost totally evergreens and really spectacular.

I started collecting these Christmas fairies by John Roberts four years ago. I have been adding to my collection every year. I find them a charming and a whimsical  addition to tuck in here and there. 

And who can resist sweets during the holidays even if some of them are faux.

And last, the holiday window in my kitchen which I did again this year. I love this scene and never have found a better way add the spirit of the holiday to the room I spend the most time in. 

I hope that all of you are able to find joy in this season, with the new year we have some very positive things to look forward to and hopefully by Christmas 2021 we will be able to gather safely again with family and friends to enjoy the happiest and most wonderous time of the year.

Merry Christmas


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

And now Christmas ~

Fall in it's glory starts late in Southern California, it is just in the past week or so that the leaves have begun to change color and drop in my garden. Of course we don't have the dramatic leaf color changes that take place in cooler climates but the difference is notable, and even though few flowers are blooming it has become my favorite time of year.

The child's bench below is awash in fallen magnolia leaves, I should rake them for the compost pile but I like they way they look so I will leave them for a while 

The Crepe Myrtle tree growing beside the pond looked particularly pretty this morning with all of it's leaves turned to gold. Pretty as it is, it does created the additional work of skimming the fallen leaves out of the water - well worth it though.

This weeping mulberry tree is starting to show one of it's most lovely features, the wonderfully distorted trunk. As the leaves drop it is revealed until next spring when it once again becomes a giant cascade of green.

Out in the front garden the red umbrellas, and the gnome walkway have all been stored away for the winter. Here another Crepe Myrtle and Magnolia tree are providing color and interest to the landscape.

And now that fall is fully here in my temperate zone it is time to think about winter and of course...


I won't be doing as much decorating this year as I will be the only one to see it. But it still gives me pleasure, and I will be able to share some of it with all of you!

Take care, stay safe.

Thank you for visiting