Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Finally back ~

For the last couple of weeks I have been having technical problems with my computer, which at this time of social distancing, especially for someone like me who really enjoys all of the online connections has been very distressing. And, of course I didn't have access to creating a new blog post. I am just glad I was able to get this post up before Blogger's new platform is put in place as I am sure that will also require a certain amount of learning, I am so used to the old blogger platform. 


Meanwhile, I planted another batch of seeds. I can't think of anything else that has given me so much pleasure over the past few months as planting seeds. The seedlings from the first seeds I sowed have been planted out into the garden and are doing well. This time, more zinnias and two types of cosmos, both should thrive in our hot summer weather, plus nicotiana Sensation, tall and willowy, it gives a lovely effect in a border.

One of the most dependable plants in my garden are gaillarias, commonly known as Blanket Flowers. They seem to bloom almost year around. The one below is particularly nice, especially when considering it is a self-seeded plant. The individual stems are longer than my other gaillaria plants - all purchased in six packs. I am going to collect some of the seeds and try to propagate it.

The daylilies are blooming and although I have them in several colors these old fashion common orange ones are my favorite. I usually don't like orange flowers but these are so pretty and flourish without any care; they are like a ray of sun a far back border.

I noticed this view when I went out early this morning - the Rose of Sharon in full bloom, below: a white, dwarf crepe myrtle, red fountain grass, some of the a fore mentioned nicotiana and roses. Peeking through is my new red gate, finally finished!

Finally, the bouquet I made to share with my gardening group's Zoom meeting. I wanted to show off the beauty of three red roses: David Austin's Prospero and Othello, and the classic Burbon rose Madame Isaac Pereire. All three roses are intensely fragrant. I combined them with gaillaria seed heads and Heavenly Bamboo flowerettes.

It is so nice to have my computer back up and be able to post again.

Take care, stay well, and  when in public wear your mask!


Friday, June 5, 2020

Twilight hopes ~

I was looking through some old pictures the other day and came across one of an alfresco table setting from a couple of years ago. It was this time of year, perfect for outside entertaining, as I remember the dinner I prepared was mexican food, gazpacho, followed by chicken enchiladas. I somewhat nostalgically thought, "when would I be able to do this again - have people in without worry". Hopefully this summer will give some respite to our health concerns, maybe even a vaccine, there is always room for hope. 

Meanwhile, I decided to share with you some new photos of the garden at twilight, that supremely magical time of the day.

The pavilion softly lite, a perfect spot for a glass of wine before dinner. This poor structure has been battled by time but still remains, and is really the focus of the rear garden.

We brought this lantern home from Morocco many decades ago, frankly when I turned on the light to take the picture I wasn't sure if it would come on, but it did, and beautifully so.

This picture speaks for itself, the fountain surrounded with Bewitched tree roses, at the base the ultimately dependable erigeron, commonly known as Santa Barbara daisy, frothing in it's exuberance.

 Coming full circle, a return to the deck festooned with the rose Climbing Pinkie. Maybe in the forth coming weeks it will once again be filled again with happy conversation, good food and laughter.

Meanwhile I pray that in this very difficult time in our country, with multiple serious problems, as citizens united in our love for democracy and well being, together we will find our way back to a better normalcy not forgetting to respect and love one another.

Thank you for visiting.

Stay safe and stay well