Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roses, Napkins, China and Fond Memories ~

Hello everyone, it is good to be back.

I love white napkins, a while back I bought a dozen gorgeous restaurant quality napkins and I have enjoyed using them. But, last week when I wandered into Marshall's after shopping at the nearby Trader Joe's (aren't I lucky to have two such great stores side-by-side). I found these great white, lace trimmed cotton napkins...

...they called me over and then jumped into my cart saying, " You need us, take us home".

Well, what could I do? I mean really...white, a great size, and lace.

I can hardly wait to invite someone over for dinner so I can use them.

The dishes I have paired them with are from my Aunt Lolly who I have mentioned here before. They are the Rosette pattern from Fiji China. Over the years I have eaten many wonderful meals off of them; she was a fantastic cook.  I feel so lucky to have them now in my home.

Roses, lace, lovely china, and fond memories, can anyone ask for more.

Have a happy day and thank you for visiting.

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