Monday, February 27, 2012

A Rainy Day ~

It is a wet day here in Southern California, something of a miracle considering how little rain we have received this year. 

Rain is such a blessing in our hot and dry climate and it makes such a dramatic change in the garden,  plants almost seem to change and intensify in coloration with even the slightest spring shower.  Below are some newly leafed-out roses, not quite ready to bloom but I love the new red foliage.

The little bridge spanning the pond looks so lonesome and forlorn ~ nobody to play with today.

These cascading China Doll roses have been blooming for a while...isn't there a song about, "rain drops on roses". is not a day to work in the garden, it is far too wet but...'s a great day to stay inside and make cookies! Oatmeal raisin I think it will be.

I love baking on rainy about you.

Thank you for visiting, I hope your day is full of nature's blessings.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Celebration of Daffodils

I have lots and lots of daffodils blooming this year all around the garden. It is too warm here for many bulbs to bloom but those in the Narcissis family do very well. Every year in the fall I add a few more bulbs and I love seeing them pop up in all the unexpected places. Down the center of my driveway I have put in dozens of miniture daffodils they are short enough so I can drive my car over them, right now they look glorious. 

I have designed my new header in honor of this lovely flower, it is a Celebration of Daffodils!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a golden day.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Casier Métallique ~ Wire Basket

I stopped in at Marshall's a few days ago to see if I could find some new yoga pants, well I didn't find any pants, although I found a great new top to wear to the gym and this wonderful basket. It was sitting with all of the other sales items, a steal at only $7.00 and I scooped it up immediately.

It is such a great shape and a very practical size with two sturdy wooden handles for carrying. There are so many ways that I will be able to use it: as a tray to carry things outside to deck for for meal times...

...or how about popping in some little pots of herbs.

oh! and a perfect place to put some African Violets; they are so pretty!

But although I thought of these ideas and quite a few more as well, for right now ~

I am using it on my desk to store papers and my everyday file folders!

I just love things that have mulitple purposes. How about you?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

In the back of my garden in a far, far corner I planted this peach tree. It is a special variety for planting in areas that receive little winter chill. Every year it is the first of my fruit trees to bloom and even if  it didn't produce fruit I would love it for it's visual impact alone. 

Delicate, candy pink blooms cover the entire tree...

when they slowly fall off the green leaves will appear...

followed by the beginings of the fruit.

I love looking at the blue sky through the flowering branches ~ so beautiful

 Underneath this dog stands duty, unfortunately he doesn't frighten away the squirrels possums or  birds which find the peaches as equally tasty as I do!

The pot in the back contains a Clematis vine which clamours up the birdhouse post and produces the prettiest purple flowers, but that all comes much later for now the tree supplies all of the glory.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines and Roses

Valentine's Day seems like the perfect time to enjoy my Old Country roses china. For some reason I don't use it very often but it sure looks pretty on the window shelf in my kitchen.

I made the wreath for Valentine's Day last year. I just twisted concrete reinforcement wire into a heart shape and wound a garland around it....adding a few extra sprigs of flowers. I liked it so well that I hung it in a closet so I could use it again. The adorable birdhouse used to decorate the front door for Valentine's Day, but I like it better here.

I scattered some dried roses to soften the effect and add interest. Pretty soon I should be picking fresh ones again.

I have enjoyed sitting at the table in the morning, eating my breakfast, and doing the crossword puzzle with this pretty reminder of one of my favorite holidays.

Thank you for visiting and...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This year I thought it would be nice to put all of my vintage Valentines in the guest room. After all they are old-fashion and this room is a rather old-fashion looking room; they seem to fit right in. The little lady's desk that I put them on was my first antique. I remember how my husband labored over restoring it. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. 

Most of these Valentines were given to me over the years by my daughter, they have become increasing hard to find but last year she surprised me with a new one...maybe this year I will get another surprise...I hope so.

This room is on the list for a re-do but I hesitate, I still love the color and the drapery fabric, it is vintage Laura Ashley, still one of my favorite designers. It would be fun though to make a change and update to a fresher look...I am thinking a pale yellow and blue color palette.

I have been spending a lot of time getting used to my new computer. Between that and finding a substitute for Picnik I have been a bit overwhelmed technologically. I appreciate Kim at Kim's Musings for recommending Foto-Flexer, it looks interesting and offers most of Picnik's features. I would be interested in knowing any other editing sites you would recommend.  

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day!