Monday, June 25, 2018

Apples ~

The first few days of summer seem like a unusual time to be talking about apples. I associate apples with the cool seasons, but this, strange as it seems, is when my apple trees are bearing.

Over the years I have planted quite a few apple trees, both the ornamental type which only produce small fruit for birds and regular apple trees. I planted them all for aesthetic reasons - I like the way they look. The ornamental crab apple alee lining my driveway is a joy of beauty in spring when they are covered in blossoms. The fruit bearing trees are pretty in bloom too, as in the photo below. But what I really love is their structure,

This tree planted at the street-side is now heavy with ripe fruit. I noticed the other day that all of the apples on the bottom of the tree are gone, whisked away by people walking by. Sometimes people come to the door and politely ask if they can pick some. but mostly they disappear which is fine by me, I think it is nice that others enjoy them.

There is still lots of fruit near the top, maybe I should set a ladder next to the tree so that people can reach them but that would probably lead to a host of problems.

They are really quite beautiful against the early morning sky.

Applesauce anyone?

I leave you with this quote I read today.

These things I warmly wish for you:
someone to love, some work to do, a bit o' sun, a bit o' cheer
and a guardian angel always near.

from an Irish blessing.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Roses and ratings ~

The Climbing Eden rose in my garden is in full bloom. It is a bit late this year, it must have harboring its strength because now that it is in full flower it is spectacular.

Each flower is a joy - large, full petaled and the most wonderful soft pink color.

Of course they are perfect for bouquets, and very long lasting as cut flowers.

Just another wonderful, wonderful, rose!

I have decided that the quote below is perfect for my garden. Instead of worrying about my weeds I am taking a new approach. Ancient Egyptians said that: 

"A beautiful thing is never perfect".

Accepting that although my garden will never be completely weed free, or totally manicured, it can still be beautiful (at least in my eyes) makes me happy. That, and a few beautiful roses!

Maybe perfection is a bit overrated.

Thank you for visiting.

Monday, June 4, 2018

A question of taste ~

This path leads mysteriously to one of my favorite places in the garden.
This area is out in the front and although I can see and hear cars go by they seem very removed - it is nicely sheltered and private, the perfect spot for some new friends.
Now I must warn you that this is not to everyone's taste and borders for many gardeners on tackiness. 

It all started when earlier in the spring I won a garden gnome at my garden class fund raiser. I have never been particularly drawn to gnomes, but he was awfully cute and once I brought him home I had to figure out what to do with him. My garden is large and small things can easily get lost... I decided to find a place where he could be featured.  This involved some type of container as I didn't want to just 'plunk' him down. Once again it was succulents to the rescue. I put him in a pot, planted it with succulent cuttings and added some ceramic mushrooms that I already had (for some reason, in my mind mushrooms and gnomes go together).

 He looked quite charming nestled in amongst the plants, but a little lonely - he needed a friend, and I decided that I needed a little Gnome Garden. Besides I always like things in threes.

So, my original gnome has been joined by two others...

...and with this little guy riding on a snail my gnome collection and my Gnome Garden is complete!

I will bring these inside for the cooler weather, when I take down all of the umbrellas. I think it will fun to have this be a seasonal thing to do. 

Like it or not, I have enjoyed doing this and I think that a bit of whimsy lends appeal. Gardens should be enjoyable in many different ways.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a bit of whimsy in your day.