Saturday, November 26, 2016

Planting for the holidays ~

Earlier in the week I found myself planting for the holidays.

Starting with Amaryllis. I have never planted these before but they were such a lovely color and on sale for 50% off. I figured why not give them a try. And maybe, just maybe, they might bloom in time for Christmas. 

a little Dwarf Alberta Spruce which I will bring in the house for the holiday season and then plant in the garden. I have a perfect spot for one and this is the time of year that pine trees are available in Southern California. I think most people use them in lieu of cut Christmas trees but I like them for the garden too.

  Not really for Christmas, but for later in the year,
Sweet Peas  - planted now they should bloom early before it gets too hot. And finally, Calendulas. Although commonly available in pony packs the only way to get the taller old fashion variety that I prefer is to plant seeds. They add great color to the winter and early spring garden and if you are lucky some will reseed for next year. 

As you can see I am planning a very extended holiday season, especially in the garden.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sunlight and design frustrations ~

When I count all of my blessings one at the top of the list is that I am able to wake up so many mornings to the sun streaming through my bedroom windows in the most glorious way.

This room was designed by my husband. He tried to include everything that I wanted in a master bedroom suite: I wanted a a spacious room with a fireplace, french doors and a sitting area, and that is what I got.

The morning sun...well that was happenstance.

Natural light is such an integral part of a room and I don't think it is given enough significance. Throughout the day it can make enormous differences and the shifting light is what I find so difficult to deal with when picking out paint and fabric colors.

 But here it all came together for me and I am very, very happy with the results. 

When I go in this room it gives me hope for the living room project which I have been struggling with...trying to get the colors right and vacillating it seems everyday. In this room the natural light, which is the afternoon sun, has played a very important role. As much as I enjoy redecorating a room getting it to reach your expectations can sometimes be very frustrating, With this in mind the fact that I have finally found fabric to reupholster the canape is very for the rest.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Mums and more mums ~

Tis the season for mums. 

Last spring I attended the local Chrysanthemum Society's annual sale. They have plants in 4 inch containers started by cuttings from their members. Every year I buy three or four of them. They are nice plants and are flowering now but are of the tall, show type and tend to need a watchful eye, and staking. 

So I was very pleased to walk into my local Home Depot a few weeks ago and find a really nice selection of 'garden' mums in gallon containers. Less fussy than their showy sisters these will only reach 24 inches and  require much less care in the garden.

 I have planted them now, and they will provide some fall color but they really won't met their potential until next year when they have matured.

I guess you call this, planting for the future.

Here is bouquet of some of the chrysanthemums  I already have in the garden. Not only do they add color to the fall border but are wonderful cut flowers.

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Have a happy, happy day.