Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween Porch ~

 ~ Happy Halloween ~

I had fun decorating the porch this year for the fall holidays, here it is for Halloween but by changing the banner and adding a turkey or two, it will take me through until Thanksgiving.

The pumpkins I planted in my raised vegetable beds this summer didn't do as well as I had hoped - next year I will plant them in another location - but they were the perfect size for filling this container.

The banner is new and the wreath is old as are the wooden pumpkins, but I think it all works pretty well together, I hope the trick-or-treaters like it.

Now all I have to do is get some candy!

I hope your Halloween is a fun and not too scary one.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fall holidays in the kitchen ~

I always enjoy decorating my kitchen for the different holidays. It's such an easy room to have fun with and because I spend so much time in here I really get to enjoy the decorations to the fullest.

I didn't do anything radically different this year, just changed things around a bit. This little witch has been residing in the basement for a couple of years and I decided she was just too cute to languish there, so up she came. I smile every time I look at her.

Across the room on the window shelf I filled up a box with pumpkins and hung a fall wreath in the window. 

On the side cabinet, more pumpkins and fall foliage, after Halloween a little tweaking, such as turning the Jack-o-lantern around and adding a turkey to the mix, will take me all the way to Thanksgiving.

All decked out and ready for the fall holidays!

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Joys of October ~

October in my garden is a very quiet month - not much is blooming, eventually the roses will re-bloom but right now I am depending on foliage for color and interest. 

In the central front garden leaves on the trees are starting to turn brown. Last week, after this picture was taken, I removed all of the Santa Barbara daises planted in the base below the fountain. They are wonderful plants but they  had become very overgrown. My initial l idea when I designed this garden area was to plant miniture pink roses here, something I plan on doing when they are available later in the year. Meanwhile winter annuals will add color.

This is definitely the time when grasses are center stage. I love the way the sunlight filters through and highlights them. In early winter they will be cut  back but for now they add much needed color. These are the very common Pennisetum rubrum, Purple fountain grass. 

October is a time for cutting back, cleaning up, weeding and removing all spent summer annuals. It takes a very short time for me to fill up a wheelbarrow with prunings and clippings. It is also time to thin and divide iris and daylilies.

But the very best thing about October -  planting spring blooming bulbs. Bulbs are such nice garden surprises, popping up so long after you planted them that you have forgotten all about doing it. This year, among other bulbs, I am planting dutch iris, adding to some very old clumps that I put in years ago, they have been so dependable that I tended to overlook what great plants they are. 


Something new are these tin buckets, I am somewhat obsessed with them. I found them at my local dollar store for under $3.00 each. I store my small garden tools in them, and use them for a multitude of other things. The wooden handles make them easy to tote. They also stack when not in use. And, to be truthful, like the wicker laundry baskets I use when weeding, I like the way they look in the garden. 

The next project for October, decorating the house for the fall Holidays, something I aways enjoy.

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Happy October!