Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter roses ~

The last of the roses. 
The rain and frost seem only to have increased their beauty.

The annual pruning of the garden is underway, When I came across these I hated to cut them, but it needed to be done. 

Hopefully next spring they will be in full bloom again and lovelier than ever. One of the glories of gardening is watching the waning and renewal. In our warmer climate it isn't as dramatic as those in colder areas. Even so, for the next few months my Southern California garden will look very bare with just a few winter annuals to fill in the emptiest spots. and then...


Spring will arrive!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hidden treasure ~

After the holidays when I was putting everything away. I realized how many lovely silver pieces I have. I usually take them out to use for special occasions such as holiday dinners. During the rest of the time, for the most part because silver tarnishes, I try to keep it in stored wrapped up with tarnish strips.

But what's the fun in that. 


I have always wanted a butler's pantry and that simply isn't going to happen so I decided that for the winter months I would turn one of the kitchen cabinets into my version of one. And into it just like a real butler's pantry in a wonderful English county house would go of most of my silver. It's my little version of Downton Abby. 

So instead of hidden away it is out for the next few months to enjoy.

I really don't know where it all came from, some were wedding gifts, the coffee and tea service were given to me for my twenty fifth wedding anniversary. Many of the trays my brother gave me. The two chafing dishes were year sale finds. The two bridal baskets are antiques, one from a family friend and the other from a thrift store.

The candelabras, tea caddy and tea strainer were my Mothers and the exquisite little bud vase I bought on a whim at a lovely florist shop as a gift to myself.

Later this Spring, when it all will get stored away again there probably will be lots of polishing to do but right now it gives me great pleasure every time I walk into the kitchen. It has been rather like a hidden treasure in my own house.

Thank you for visitng

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Miss Twiggley ~

I know, I know, cats should not be on the counter tops and I keep telling this to Miss Twiggley, but she refuses to listen.

 Naughty Cat, but she is still very, very cute.

If only she would mind!

Thank you for visiting. I hope your new year is off to a good start.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Succulent box ~

Getting everything put away after the holidays seems to have taken more time this year. It didn't help that my basement was flooded by our recent heavy rain storms not just once but twice. I appreciate the rain, it is so badly needed, and I expected to have some problems with my roof, but not the basement.  Life is never what you think it is going to be. For now the problem is fixed and I hope it doesn't happen again. 
After all of the decorations were finally put away safely, the house looked pretty bare, especially the kitchen. I decided that January would be the month of succulents and silver...more on silver in another post. I hadn't used the box I made for a while and what better to do then plant it with succulents, perfect for the sunny, west facing, shelve under my kitchen window.

It fits the space but still leaves room at each end for Miss Twiggley to sit and enjoy looking at the birds in the orange tree outside. This is one of the spots I plan on putting one of the new bird feeders I got for Christmas. I think it will provide her with lots of entertainment.

I really like succulents as house plants, like orchids they last for what seems like forever and then you can plant them outside. I always use cuttings from the garden and this is just another way to add more. And...they do look quite pretty!

I hope your new year is off to a good start.

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