Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween in a box ~


A few years ago when I made this wooden box I never anticipated that it would be so useful. Every holiday I find new and inventive ways to fill it with various objects to add  to the seasonal decor. Here it is in the kitchen as part of my Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations.
I call it my "Halloween in a box".

And next month as a bonus,

 I can easily add a ceramic turkey, lift it up, put it in the car, and transport it over to my daughter's house to use as the centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner. 

Happy Halloween


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall florals ~

The dried arrangement I made for the credenza in my living room was getting rather tatty and it really didn't look right for the fall season, Nothing else works as well here as a large bouquet. So I decided to make another one that would be more reflective of autumn and this is the result.

Although they are not as fashionable as in the past, I love dried flower arrangements, partially because they last so long. I love fresh flowers but I am too lazy, too busy, and too fugal to constantly be making large arrangements and that is what is necessary for this space.

For this I used lots of eucalyptus, it is such a good filler and dries beautifully, various hydrangeas, including oak leaf, queen annes lace, twigs, grass seed-heads, dried peonies and some berries.

I will keep this through the fall and put it away for the Christmas holiday season.


The little ghosts are only here visiting until Halloween. I have several of them throughout the house and I smile every time I walk into a room and see one. It is amazing how much fun you can get out of a bit of paper!

I hope that you are enjoying the cooler weather and the lovely autumn season. Here in Southern California it is so nice to finally have a respite from the heat.

Thank you for visiting