Friday, December 23, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Patisserie stand for Christmas ~

For a very long time, ever since I saw a blog post at Romancing the home featuring her beautiful patisserie stand, I had wanted one for my kitchen. Hers is a magnificent antique stand. For a while I tried finding one, but it was almost impossible, and when I did come close they were very, very costly.

Then I found this one at Ballard's. 

For a couple of years I resisted buying it. When I did try to order one, two years ago, they were sold out, which prompted me last year to immediately buy one during their after Christmas sale. It is just the right size for my kitchen island and it has been so much fun to have - I leave it up year around. 

They come in chrome and brass. It was a difficult decision for me but I choose chrome to match my kitchen fixtures. It has two sturdy, adjustable glass shelves and is heavily weighted to keep it from tipping over.

Because I bought it after the holiday last year this is the first time I have decorated it for Christmas,

I serve a buffet dinner every Christmas Eve. This year I will remove some of the ornamental items and use the patisserie stand to serve the desserts.

I find my kitchen the easiest room to decorate for the various holidays and this makes it even easier, and more fun!

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Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twice the fun ~

Last week while my daughter was at work I went over and decorated her house for the holidays. Since she went back to teaching full time this has become somewhat of a tradition. It's fun for me and I know that she likes coming home from a busy day and finding her house all ready for Christmas.


I love this swinging door going into the kitchen - it is the perfect spot for a wreath.

 In the dining room I tied some decorative bows on the chairs and added a casual centerpiece - made a bit more elegant with mirrors, crystal candle sticks, and some casually strewn ornaments.

 I went a little overboard on the credenza. I filled my wooden box to overflowing with garlands and ornaments and added twinkle lights. It's a bit flashy, but this is the one time of the year that glitter and glitz seem to be okay.

In the living room a very simple mantle... 

 ...she will add the Christmas stockings later.

And across the room the tree - definitely the focal point. 
All in gold with leopard ribbon and lots of sparkle.  

Aren't I lucky I get twice the fun of decorating for the holidays.

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Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 8, 2016

VoilĂ  ~ the drapes

Finally, the living room drapes are finished, and installed.


I completed them a while ago but I was waiting for the decorative fringe edging to arrive. This is the easiest part but I think it really adds a touch of elegance to the drapes. It came last Friday and by Saturday I had it sewn on.

I love this fringe, Malibu Carnation - it is so elegant and very reasonably priced. I found it here. For any of you that are looking for interesting trims I would highly recommend this company, both for the quality of their products and the pricing.

These drapes with the linings are very heavy and I really thought I would need someone to help me install them, but I became impatient to see them up and found that if I piled them up on the highest rung on the ladder for support I could hook them onto the rings.


This room, as I have mentioned before, has been very problematic and many times I have wondered if I have been really off on my choices. I have spent much more time mulling over what to do, then in the actual 'doing'. But it is finally coming together and I think that the time spent, without rushing to make decisions, has been worth it. 

I still have a ways to go but I think this just might turn out to be a very pretty room.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas in the dining room ~

My living room is still in flux with the furniture either at the upholstery shop or covered in sheets waiting for me to decide which fabric I am going to use so it can go. This all  makes it ridiculous to decorate the room for Christmas this year.

But I missed having a tree somewhere nearby.


I put a little tree in the dining room. At least it will add a touch of Christmas when I entertain. 

The cherub statue was already on the table and fits in perfectly. It is meant for the garden but I have always kept it inside.

In the background you can see one of my unfinished drapes in the aforementioned, living room. It took a long time to find the right fringe for the trim -  it was finally delivered today so by next week they should be finished and hung.

 This  room has really proved to be a challenge and I decided that instead of making quick decisions I would take my time and not be rushed, but it does feel like it is taking forever.

No decorations in the living room this year but I do have my pretty little tree in the dining room to enjoy.

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Happy Holidays