Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bookstand ~ Playing With Textures

 In a corner of my dining room sits this little bookstand, I like to keep a book open and displayed on it, right now it is Martha Stewart's Gardening Book. I change the book depending on whim and the season. A few weeks ago I took a few pictures of this corner for a link party on vintage effects, but ended up not using them. Then over the last weekend, when I should have been getting lots of things done...sewing, cleaning, gardening, getting ready for my upcoming trip, I spent a ridiculous amount of time (but it was fun!) using these photos to play around with textures and effects. This is what I came up with.

I went back into the previous photo and cropped out this picture. I think it looks amazingly like a still life from the Dutch school of painting, maybe because of the blue and white Delft china.

After taking the first pictures I decided to add some additional elements...ribbon, a bit of lace and some flowers. I found out that with soft focus on Picnik,  you can go back in and 'paint' out areas...oh my!

So this is how I wasted my time over a rainy Sunday...now I must be a good girl and get back to work, among other things there are weeds waiting to be pulled, dust motes under the bed, and a skirt and dress to be made. Do you find photography this addictive?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Your home is just lovely. I'm totally addicted to picnik. Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip. Be sure to take lots of pics!!

  2. Wow, you got some great effects! All these photos are soooo pretty!

  3. Beautiful...I have never tried using picnik...I must try it soon!

  4. Your photos are so pretty Adrienne. You know I'm addicted to photography!


  5. I have always wanted one of those old bookstands! Great images all around. Wonderfully processed.

  6. Second photo: amazing!! It does look like a painting! well done!
    I like your book stand. I have seen some of those around some homes here in Guatemala. They, though, usually display the Bible. By it, usually, a candle or a Saint. My mother has wanted one for some time now, but we never seem to find one around here; I think those around were specially made. Yours is really pretty.
    have a lovely day!

  7. I'm so lazy with my photography, you shame me.

  8. I haven't played around with Picnik in some time (remember, you are the one who told us all about the fun you had making your header).
    I like to do silly stuff with pictures of my doggies.

  9. Hi Adrienne! Oh, your snaps are just amazing! They look like pages from a story book! You're good and the subject matter is gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. As always Adrienne...gorgeous pictures!!! You are so talented.

    Photography is definitely not my 'thing'. But I have found by blogging I am improving. I'm learning more and more what will NOT make a good blog photo...now if onlh I can figure out how to make them gorgeous (and clear and bright). ;)

  11. Nothing wrong with playing! LOVE your rose hedge!!!

    C’est tres jolie!
    Thanks so very much for your kind comments!

  12. Hi Adrienne. I try to take pictures daily...when there is a "dry spell" in the garden, I love going back and revisiting a lush Spring garden. Almost makes time stand still! Trish

  13. Playing, creating... living an inspired life! Enjoy it--it's what gets us through the more mundane things we have to do, to know we can play sometimes too! Thanks so much for linking up this post to my Share the Love Link Party. Hope you'll be back next week!

  14. I am amazed what you did with your pictures - they are beautiful in itself, but the texture that you added makes them outstanding. You have such beautiful style, it looks like out of a magazine. Stunning.

  15. Your pictures look amazing. You need to take some of the credit even if you did use Picnik...I should try playing with that. It looks like fun.

  16. very nice pictures and effects,i love them! Good weekend Adrienne, Catherine

  17. You are a very talented photographer, Adrienne. This shows wonderful imagination & creativity! I love it all!


  18. I have been having problems commenting this week! Just switched back over to Mozilla Firefox, voila!

    I love visiting your garden Adrienne. We bought a red umbrella for our patio table the other day. As soon as the stormy weather has passed we will put it out. Can't wait to see it. First time we've had a bright color. I know we are going to love it.

  19. I do, indeed, find photography addictive! I only wish I had the expertise to capture the loveliness with my camera that my eyes - and heart - capture. ;)

    Thanks for faithfully linking to Time Travel Thursday, Adrienne. By the way, as you're learning tricks with editing software and sharing them, you're teaching me, as well - thanks!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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