Monday, October 26, 2020

Slipcover, seeds and seasonal decorations ~

I finally completed something that I have wanted to get done for a long time - a new slipcover for the bench in my entry hall. I already had the fabric and was finally prompted to tackle it because the old pale pink fabric didn't match the two newly upholstered chairs in the other part of the area. Making a slipcover instead of having the bench reupholstered allowed a more casual look and the ruffle (which I love).

You might notice the clock which fits perfectly into the niche. It has been in my family for many, many years. Because I have the original receipt I know that it was bought on monthly payments from a shop on White Chapel in London for two pounds. One of the few items that my relatives brought with them when they immigrated to America, it must have been very precious to them, it certainly is to me. 

I have been harvesting lots of seeds to plant next spring and have been looking for a good way to organize and package them until planting time. I came across a Pinterest post with the perfect solution - simple origami seed packets. You can use any type of paper you want and make them in suitable sizes. I used plain white paper to make them easier to label. 

They are so much better than the envelopes that I was using before, and so compact that I can fit several different packets in old jam jars to stack on a shelf in my kitchen pantry...I knew I was saving these jars for something, they are just too cute to throw away, and now I know what it was.

I leave you with this picture of  the fall decorations across from the aforementioned bench in my entry hall. The crows will fly away after Halloween but everything else will stay in place until Thanksgiving.

 Thank you for visiting, stay safe, follow the CDC guidelines, wear your mask,


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  1. I love the idea about saving your seeds. The jars are so pretty.

  2. Enjoyed my "fix" of viewing your pretty home. Thank you. Sugar

  3. Hi Adrienne. The bench just looks so pretty and I love your vignette in the entry. Everything you do is so charming and elegant. Oh my gosh, it is almost over!! Can't wait for Tuesday..Fingers and everything else crossed!..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. The clock is beautiful! What a special treasure to have.
    I admit I don't collect seed - I just let my plants re-seed without doing anything about it. That usually works whereas if I put out the seeds it usually is a failure. I'm just not good at it. Your garden is always so pretty.


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