Friday, August 9, 2013

A bit of this and that ~

I started out the day on my freshly painted front deck in the early morning sun.
I love the color, it used to be white so this is quite a change, my signature red, bright, cheerful and a color compliment to all of the greens in the garden.
 A new dress, I just finished last night, a bit bold but fun to wear and so easy-breezy in the waning days of summer. This pattern McCall's 6559 is super easy, made out of knit fabric it clings in all the right place and is very flattering.

Where to wear my new dress...why out to lunch at Julienne, a charming restaurant in San Marino, California.  Delicious alfresco dining made even better in the company of two delightful friends.
I had a roast beef sandwich, with arugula, blue cheese, and caramelized onions on toasted sour dough bread. YUM!

Google photo

A nice surprise the two books I ordered arrived. I checked these out from the library and they were so good that I decided to buy them. What Are You Looking At? is a guide through the world of modern art. In The Last best Cure the author chronicles her year long search for a healthier, better, life using a variety of natural techniques including yoga, meditation and exercise.

And also when I came home...
 look who I found on my bed waiting for me, almost indistinguishable, looking more like a furry  dust mop ~ Miss Twiggley of course. I don't even think she missed me!

All in all a splendid day...I hope yours was a good one too! 


  1. Hi Adrienne! Oh, your porch looks so lovely and comfy and the dress you made is gorgeous! I'm sure you looked stunning in it. Little Miss Twiggley is one cutie pie!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Your porch is magazine worthy, Adrienne. What a beautiful dress. You are so talented. Miss Twiggley is such a cozy bundle of fur. What a sweet companion.

  3. Adorei sua varanda vermelha. Que lindo vestido, parabéns pelo lindo modelo. Assim é vida cheia de belas coisas para a nossa felicidade.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  4. The dress looks fabulous! You are a woman of many talents.
    I loved our time spent in San you live there?
    We loved seeing all the beautiful gardens and homes...oh and Pasadena was an arts and crafts dream!

    Enjoy your weekend...
    I imagine you might start every sunny day on that porch and perhaps every evening.
    Truly an enchanting spot to sit.

  5. I do not live in San Marino, but a nearby city. It would be very hard to beat the natural beauty of your surrounds, and such a wonderful climate to garden in, all of that lovely rain, here it is very dry and hot!

  6. You do know how very much I love your porch, and the red paint is just an extra yummy layer of goodness! The dress is very cute, I love that style, but can never find one to fit because I'm sooo short! (Gotta learn to sew!) Sounds like a great day, looking stylist and enjoying a delicious meal with friends!

  7. I could 'see' you enjoying your porch. And your new dress is wonderful! What a sweet way to 'show it off' - lunch with friends. Don't you wish you could curl up and sleep like Miss Twiggley? Nothing seems to bother her!

  8. I enjoyed this very much, Adrienne. The dress is lovely - clinging to all the right places is perfect! Lunch with a friend, new books and a sweet and loyal companion waiting at home - more perfect!
    I love the red you've used. Can you share the brand and shade?

    1. On the deck I used Behr Porch Paint: "Tile Red". The paint on the gate was custom mixed to match my umbrellas and awnings. So happy that you like it!

  9. I have enjoyed seeing how you spent your life.
    Just Perfect!
    Smiles, Dottie

  10. That restaurant looks beautiful! I'll bet that was a great day. You're so blessed to live someplace so wonderful. And your kitty...she looks so cute and cozy! Mine always lounge around like that all day and then pop to life at night!

  11. What a lovely sounding day- a new dress, lunch with friends! I love the simplicity of the dress you made and black and white never goes out of style. The books you are going to be reading sound interesting. I could use a little bit of a life makeover and modern art always fascinates me.


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